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School Mission Statement

Year 3 - Homework

Homework will be published onto the website every Friday. It should be returned by no later than the following Wednesday.

Every week the class will receive different spellings. Pupils will be aware of which spellings they will be learning that week but if they are unsure then just ask them what group they are in and you will be able to identify which spellings are theirs. Spelling tests are split across two days for Group 1 (on Wednesday and Friday) while Group 2 have their spellings on Wednesday.

Homework is there to:

  • Reinforce and consolidate classroom learning.
  • Help children to develop independent learning skills.
  • Provide opportunities for parents and children to enjoy the learning experience together.
  • Inspire children to want to extend their own learning

Homework should not:

  • Cause unnecessary stress or anxiety for the child or parent!
  • Exceed the recommended guideline of one hour per week.

Please feel free to let me know if you feel the homework is causing stress or exceeding the one hour guideline.

It is also important to read with your child daily so that they maintain and improve their reading standard. We would like to have around 15 minutes every night, but we appreciate this is not always possible. Please record any reading done in their reading books.

We appreciate that we are all quite busy but any home learning plays a significant role in your child's learning. Please try your best to ensure that all children have their homework completed for the due date as a record will be kept of those who do not hand in homework and those who hand it in late.

Many thanks

Mrs Burden