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 Summer Term 

Please have a look at our children's latest achievements! :)

20.05.20 - Hello Everyone, Today I have been challenged by Cian's superb creativity. He decided that today was the day to accept my Year 2 class challenge and after a morning of hard work he allowed himself to relax in the pool reading his book. :)

20.05.20 More Science project for Mrs Reimus! Darcey sent us some of her pictures, where she climbed some trees, had a breakfast picnic and grew some cress. 

It's very pleasing to see so many of you turning to gardening.

19.05.20 What a beautiful day! Olivia made it even better by sending her cheerful picture!

Today I have received two emails. In the first one, Mrs Woollatt sent us pictures of  Jem, who has got the gardening bug! He was keen to get some pot plants and has taken his role of watering them on a daily basis very seriously.  I am not surprised, a garden opens up a world of curiosity for children!

Next, Mrs Hanrahan sent us en email with some of the work Nathan has been doing. He has completed all his test books, class challenges  and Mrs Hanrahan has taken plenty of photos to show his hard work. I love it all, but my favourite one must be the picture which I am going to take to the care home.

18.05.20 Wow! Today I have received our first ever video clip from Adriana, where she recommends her favourite book. Adriana, thank you very much for sharing your book with us. :)  

18.05.20  Alex's family shared some photos with us showing some of the work Alex has been doing whilst he's been at home. I really like that Alex is taking part in our class challenges. Keep up the good work!

115.05.20  As part of Jem’s science work this term , Jem's parents have got him some strawberry seeds. He’s planted them and is now waiting for them to grow.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed! 

15.05.20 - Another great work - this time from Mason, a picture for a local Care Home. Great work Mason!

Also Cian is proudly presenting his timeline for our topic homework . What a fabulous presentation!

14.05.20  Today I have received another fantastic set of homework from Valentino. Mrs Gomes said: "Valentino tried his best at describing the feelings of the boy octopus in the Oktopodi task and he has really been enjoying his money maths work and we dug out his pretend money which he's been loving to use again." 

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” — Malcolm X


Mrs Gaul said: "Cian had great fun completing the superhero challenge and now goes around as Super Masher.
Also please find attached his book review."

Cian - Super Masher, you are awesome!  “Don't be afraid of challenges. Let them take you somewhere new.” ― Sira Masetti

11.05.20 This afternoon I have received another wonderful email, this time from Mrs Gaul who sent me  a copy of Cian’s card that they will be sending to a Care home that their friend works at in St Albans. You are going to brighten someone's day! :)


 11.05.20 Today I have received an email from Mrs Lyden, saying that Florence was keen to write a letter to Erin and later on will deliver it to her. Such a wonderful idea! :)


11.05.20 Congratulations to Olivia, who took part in our Year 2 Class Challenge. She created a fantastic agent Mocha who became  a superhero by touching a magic stone. 


Today I have received email from Jem, saying that he has finished reading The Hobbit and is now speeding his way through Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! Well done Jem for reading regularly with a great enthusiasm!


Well done to Valentino, who has been working super hard at home with his home schooling and wanted to share some of his work with us. Valentino has his own home schooling folder that he designed himself and has been collecting all his work in.  

Fantastic work, Valentino. I'm so impressed. What a lot of skill! :)

28.04.20 I have received Cian's homeworks. He tried to send them to me last week but I was unable to see it. Well done! You've got great strength and perseverance. :) I love the picture of the Last Supper. 

28.04.20 Today Jem has sent us another picture.This time he is completing a 300 piece jigsaw!  What a beautiful pay-off for all that hard work!

Did you know...Puzzles teach patience and perseverance, and the reward is the satisfaction of the complete image!

Alessandra has sent us her pictures to show how well she did on her flower hunt!  How many of the flowers are you able to name? 

Fantastic work Ali! :)

Also Olivia has sent her lovely life cycle of a butterfly,painting of Earth and extract from her reading book.

23.04.20 Today Leeya has sent her fantastic life cycle of echidna. As a dedicated animal lover, she really enjoyed doing this activity. For her challenge, Leeya created an animal, which she named Anisaurus. 


22.04.20 Here is Jem, who he’s been working hard on his reading and has nearly finished The Hobbit! Jem said that the chapter titled ‘Flies and Spiders’ was a particularly good one!  Well done Jem - you are a READING STAR.

Spring 2 Term - Look at out fascinating home learning activities!

1. Jem has read the first two Harry Potter books and built Hogwarts out of Lego - all by himself! 

2. Annabelle has sent her wonderful recount.

3. Alessandra and Annabelle scanned and sent copies of their SPAG tests. :) (unfortunately the files were too big to put them here:(

4. Some great examples of descriptive language by Leeya, Myles, Callum, Florence, Jem and Cian.