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School Mission Statement


Here are the tasks for this week.

Topic Project  - Science (ongoing)

Choose an animal, research its life cycle and show its life cycle. You could draw it, make models, use pic collage or just write about it.

Challenge: make up a life cycle about your made-up dinosaur – that’s what we were going to do in school before Easter break! Example: Duneosaurus starts as a yellow egg, hatches after 3 months, baby duneosaurus liked to eat sand beetles for 6 months etc.


  1.   - 

Go to Phase 6-play games: Pond life and Planetary Plurals

2. SAT’s English 2019  SPAG paper  - paper copy has been sent

3. Purple Mash - Comprehension "Alien Hotel" Chapter 1. Activities to go with the chapter: Sally space cam-  Put yourself into the role of an astronaut. Show her thoughts and character in the speech bubble; Describing Aliens -  Imagine you have just landed on an alien world. You are the first human to ever visit the planet; Chapter 1 Quiz - Test your knowledge of the chapter with these five brain-busting questions.


  1. 2019 SAT’s Maths  Paper 1 Arithmetic – (paper copy has been sent)
  2. Purple Mash – Measurement- 2 activities: Longer or shorter: Tallest and Shortest
  3. Instead of the 3rd Maths activity I would like you to do some RE/Art - Holy Week - Easter topic activities.

Watch - Last Supper Clip -

then finish the activities about Da Vinci Art Appreciation attached below. Please write/draw all the answers in your Literacy Homework Exercise Book.

If you would like to do more work, then feel free to log into MyMaths (I have prepared some additional activities for you about money, or use some ideas from the activities attached under Year 2 Home Learning folder.