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School Mission Statement

Monday 29th June

Here are the tasks for this week. All the resources can be found at the bottom of this page and all the Purple Mash tasks are already in your ‘Alerts’.

Whilst, home learning is a topic of a number of conversations at the moment, I really want to stress that above all, yours and your children’s happiness and wellbeing is the most important thing. Remember, just do what you can!

I have attached a timetable to the bottom of the page, which may help you structure your week a little more.


Literacy Tasks:

You will need to read or listen to the eBook ‘The Runaway Iceberg’. There are two versions- the book version (see files below) or the video version (follow the link below).

  1. Phonics Videos on YouTube- Letters and Sounds, which is the scheme we use at school to teach Phonics from, are beginning a YouTube channel that goes through different Year 1 phonics sounds. They will be releasing videos every day from Monday to Friday at 10:30 and 11:00 for Year 1 pupils. They will be focusing on blending and reading words! 
  2. In the olden days, some explorers had a race across Antarctica to try and get to the South Pole in one day and back! One explorer called ‘Scott of the Antarctic’ tried so many times and each time did not make it (see below for more information). Imagine you are Scott and you are looking for a new member of your team. What special skills do you need your new team mate to have? Do they need to be healthy and strong? Write some few sentences describing exactly what type of person you need on your team (this is a little like a job advert).
  3. Imagine you are on a trip to Antarctica to find out some more information about the animals that live there. Write a letter to a family member or a friend explaining why you are there and what you have been doing there. Remember to start it with ‘Dear…’!


Maths Tasks:

  1.  Complete the ‘Addition and Subtraction Worded Questions’ task.
  2.  Complete the ‘Multiplication and Division Worded Questions’ task. The division ones will be more of a challenge, but have a go at home!


RE Task:

For your RE task this week, I would like you to write a prayer saying thanks to God for all that he has created. Please email me what lovely things you say.

I would like you to include something about:

  • The animals
  • The world
  • Different cultures


Art Task:

Design a new flag for Antarctica on Purple Mash. You may want to include things like the animals you may find there or any other creative ideas you have!


Science Task:

There are lots of incredible experiments we could do for this week’s topic, so I have decided to have two Science tasks this week. See the resources below for the information on each experiment!


Geography Task:
In the olden days, the Antarctic explorers would have had to get to Antarctica by ship and then travel across it’s land using dog sleds.

What inventions and things do we have today, that would make the whole expedition a lot easier?

Answer the question above, writing your answers in your books.

You could think about: travelling, clothing, technology and many other things!