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School Mission Statement

Monday 27th April

Here are the tasks for this week. All the resources can be found at the bottom of this page and all the Purple Mash tasks are already in your 'Alerts'.

Whilst home learning is a topic of a number of conversations at the moment, I really want to stress that above all, your children’s happiness and wellbeing is the most important thing. Remember to do what you can!

I have attached a Timetable at the bottom of the page that may help you structure your week a little more.

Literacy Tasks:

You will need to read or listen to the eBook ‘The Bear Who Came to Babysit’. There are two versions- the book version (see files below) or the video version (follow the link below)

  1. Answer the comprehension questions on ‘The Bear Who Came to Babysit’- writing your answers in your blue books.​​​​
  2.  Letters and Sounds, which is the scheme we use at school to teach Phonics from, are beginning a YouTube channel that goes through different Year 1 phonics sounds. They will be releasing videos every day from Monday to Friday at 10:30 and 11:00 for Year 1 pupils. They will be focusing on blending and reading words!
  3. Complete the ‘Description Activity’ on Purple Mash- write a minimum of six sentences describing the bear’s appearance or personality. This is a chance to show off all the lovely adjectives and vocabulary you have! (Please complete this task on Purple Mash so I can see it and mark it!) Don’t forget to save your work!

Maths Tasks:

I would suggest doing these tasks in the order listed, as the Purple Mash Activity, needs a solid understanding of halves and quarters!

  1. Follow the 'Maths No Problem' Fractions- 'Halves and Quarters' Lesson and complete the activities in your blue book.
  2. Follow the 'Maths No Problem' Fractions- 'Sharing and Grouping' Lesson and complete the activities in your blue book.
  3. Log onto Purple Mash and complete the recent task called ‘Halves and Quarters’. Don't forget to save your work!

RE Task:

Follow the link above to watch this video (it is the same video from last week). In the story of Pentecost, the apostles all received the Holy Spirit, which gave them the skill of being able to speak in different languages.

What is your special skill? Can you draw a picture and write a few sentences explaining what you have drawn and your special skill?

Science Task:

Follow the link above and join in on the song, which explains the different things that plants need. You may want to watch it a few times!

Once you think you have learnt the song pretty well, can you write down the five things mentioned in the song, that plants need to survive? You can write or draw a picture that shows these five things in your blue homework books.

Geography Task:

On Wednesday 22nd April (that was last week) it was Earth Day! Earth Day is a special day where we celebrate all the wonderful things the Earth has given us! From the plants, to the animals and all sorts of other things!

To celebrate Earth Day, I thought it would be a nice idea if you could create a poster at home. Use any resources that are available for you at home! Please look at the resources below for some ideas.

French Task:

In french this year, the children have been learning to build their vocabulary. Watch the video above, which will remind you of the french words for lots of the colours. When you feel you have remembered all the colours, follow the link below and play the matching game! (If the link is not working, how many of these colours can you remember? Write them down). 

I have created a folder at the side called ‘Additional Learning’ if you wish to do more work (this is entirely up to you).