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School Mission Statement

Monday 15th June

Here are the tasks for this week. All the resources can be found at the bottom of this page and all the Purple Mash tasks are already in your ‘Alerts’.

Whilst, home learning is a topic of a number of conversations at the moment, I really want to stress that above all, yours and your children’s happiness and wellbeing is the most important thing. Remember, just do what you can!

I have attached a timetable to the bottom of the page, which may help you structure your week a little more.



We will be sending out reports at the end of the term. Usually within school time, we ask the children about things they have really enjoyed about being in Year 1 and what they are looking forward to in Year 2. This then gets copied onto the reports under the 'Pupil Comment' section.

As we are unable to be at school to complete this, can you please ask your child the two questions highlighted above and email their responses to the school office so we can include this on their reports. This only needs to be a couple of sentences long.

For example: I have really enjoyed being able to spend time with my friends in Year 1. I am really looking forward to Maths in Year 2, because it is my favourite subject.


Literacy Tasks:

You will need to read or listen to the eBook ‘A Magical Muddle’. There are two versions- the book version (see files below) or the video version (follow the link below).

  1. Phonics Videos on YouTube- Letters and Sounds, which is the scheme we use at school to teach Phonics from, are beginning a YouTube channel that goes through different Year 1 phonics sounds. They will be releasing videos every day from Monday to Friday at 10:30 and 11:00 for Year 1 pupils. They will be focusing on blending and reading words! 
  2. Complete ‘What happens next?’ activity on Purple Mash. The Head Witch has just asked to be turned into a Unicorn. Does that happen? Or does the spell go wrong and she turns into something else? Continue the story. What do you think is going to happen next? Be as creative as you can (see below for my example). Please remember to save your work! (If typing on the computer is too much then please feel free to let the children write for this task instead).
  3. Follow the Lesson below called ‘Potion Instructions’ (you can find this in the resources section below). You will need to write your own set of instructions to make a magical potion. The lesson will explain the different steps you need to take and what you need include in your work. Please complete this lesson in your homework books.


Maths Tasks:

  1. Follow the lesson below called ‘Making Equal Rows’. Write any answers in your blue books. The answers will be given after the activity.
  2. Follow the lesson below called ‘Making Doubles’. Write any answers in your blue books. The answers will be given after the activity.
  3. Complete ‘Addition/Subtraction’ activity on Purple Mash. Please answer the questions in the boxes below the question. Don’t forget to save your work!


RE Task:

As mentioned in last week’s St Bernadette Newsletter, this Thursday, Cardinal Vincent Nichols is holding a Mass in the Cathedral for school communities. This will take place at 11:30 and will be streamed live on . Please do try and join in on the celebration. If you miss the celebration, I think it will be available for download afterwards through the same link.


Art Task:

Once you have completed your Literacy ‘Potions Instructions’ Activity, I would like you to draw or paint a picture of the creature or beast that your potion changed you into! If your potion does not turn you into a creature, then perhaps pick one of the creatures in the story to paint instead!


Science Task:

Part of the Science curriculum in Year 1 is to understand what ‘Healthy Eating’ is. So, for this week’s Science work, I would like you to try and make a healthy smoothie at home! You can choose the fruit that goes in your smoothie but make sure you have an adult with you to help with the cutting!

If you do not have a blender to make a smoothie, you could make fruit kebabs or a fruit salad instead!


Design and Technology Task:

See the resource below for instructions to make a Magical Wand! If you do not have glue or glitter, then do not worry you can decorate your wand in any way that you want! You might want to paint it or wrap it all up in ribbon!