Year 2 Suggested Reading List

Class Pages

Traditional tales – fairy tales
Key texts:

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters - John Steptoe

Jamil’s Clever Cat: a folktale from Bengal - Fiona French

The Willow Pattern Story - Alan Drummond

Further Suggestions:

The Jolly Postman - Janet and Allan Ahlberg

The Paper Bag Princess - Robert Munsch

The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Tony Ross

Into the Forest - Anthony Browne

Guess who’s coming for dinner? - John Kelly

Little Red – A fizzingly good yarn - Lynne Roberts

Little Chicken Chicken - David Martin

Jasper’s Beanstalk - Nick Butterworth

Stories with recurring literary language
Key Texts:

That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown - Cressida Cowell

Meerkat Mail - Emily Gravett

Scaredy Squirrel - Melanie Watt

On the Way Home - Jill Murphy

Further Suggestions:

Once There Were Giants - Martin Waddell

Stars of Mine - Kevin Crossley-Holland

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! - Mo Willems

The smartest giant in town - Julia Donaldson

Traction Man is here - Mini Grey

A Dark, Dark Tale - Ruth Brown

Oi! Get Off Our Train - John Burningham

Traditional tales – myths (creation stories)

Key Texts:

Just So Stories: How the Leopard Got his Spots (and others in the series) - Shoo Rayner

Further Suggestions:

How the Whale Became - Ted Hughes (Note: this is a challenging text for year 2)

Tiddalick the Frog - Susan Nunes

Ahmed and the Feather Girl - Jane Ray

How the zebra got its stripes - Justine & Ron Fontes

How the camel got its hump - Justine & Ron Fontes

How the turtle got its shell - Justine & Ron Fontes

Tinga Tinga Tales: why giraffe has a long neck

Tinga Tinga Tales: why lion ROARRRS!

Tinga Tinga Tales: why monkeys swing in the trees

Tinga Tinga Tales: why leopard has spots

Tinga Tinga Tales: why chameleon changes colour

Tinga Tinga Tales: why elephant has a trunk

+ some Tinga Tinga Tales are available on DVD

Aesop's Funky Fables - Vivian French and Korky Paul
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