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Welcome to Year 2's homework page!

When will homework be set and when should it be completed by?

Your child will be set homework weekly on a Friday.

This will be available here on the school website as well as through your child's school gmail account via Google Classroom.

We expect this to be completed and returned/submitted digitally by the following Wednesday.

What homework will be set?

For the first term (Sept-Dec) your child will be set one piece of homework per week in the following subjects:

  • Literacy
  • Maths

On a half termly basis the following 'project' home work will be set:

  • Religious Education
  • Topic (History, Geography, Art or Design & Technology)

What purpose does homework have?

Your child's homework serves to reinforce and consolidate their classroom learning. It should help your child to further develop independent learning skills and allow you as a parent/carer to enjoy the learning experience together with your child.

We also hope that through their homework, your child will be inspired to extend their own learning!

What should homework not do?

Homework should not cause unnecessary stress or anxiety for either child nor parent/carer. Please encourage your children to see this as an opportunity to teach you as their parents/carers, what they have been learning about at school.

We appreciate that life at home can be quite busy but any learning at home plays a significant role in your child's learning.

Please try your best to ensure that homework is returned/submitted on time!

Many thanks,

Mrs Wright
Music Mark School
Diocese of Westminster