Wednesday 3rd March

Class Pages

Hi everyone,

Here are the Home Learning tasks for today! Please upload any evidence of these tasks being completed onto Tapestry for me to see!

Task 1: Follow the link to hear the story 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson being read.
After, ask your child if they can remember and retell what happened in the story?

Task 2 (Literacy):
Draw a picture of your own terrible monster! Think carefully about its teeth, claws, fur and so on. After you have drawn and coloured in your picture, write a minimum of two sentences to describe your monster e.g. It has pink scales etc. Make sure that your writing matches the picture you have drawn!

Task 3 (Maths):
For this activity you will need some number flashcards from 1-10 laid out randomly in front of you. You will also need 10 small objects to help you e.g. pasta/ cars etc. Choose a number card and make that number using your small objects (e.g. number 3= get three pieces of pasta). Can you share that number of objects with the person looking after you, so that both of you can get the same amount? For instance, I would get 2 pieces of pasta, but Miss Broom will only get 1 so that is not the same amount! If the number cannot be shared equally then turn the number card face down! Keep going until the numbers that you have face up still are: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10!

Task 4 (Other):
I have attached an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt today. Go on a walk or into your garden and see how many of the different things listen you can see! Maybe you could encourage your child to take their own photos of the things they have found for this task.

Task 5 (Optional):
Using junk modelling, can you make your own Gruffalo out of any resources you have at home. I have attached some photos for some inspiration!

Let me know if you have any problems accessing the work.

Best wishes,
Miss Webb
Music Mark School
Diocese of Westminster