Tuesday 2nd March

Class Pages

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to say, there will be NO Zoom Video today as I am on a course this afternoon. If someone could help spread the word, I would be very grateful! I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!

Here are the Home Learning tasks for today. Please upload any evidence of this task being completed onto Tapestry for me to see!

Task 1:
Watch the video attached of me reading 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. After, discuss what they liked and didn't like about the story. Did they have a favourite part?
Task 2 (Literacy):
Make a list of all the different things that Sophie and her mum need to buy at the shop now that the Tiger has eaten and drunk all their food and drink!

Task 3 (Maths):
I am hoping that a Tiger comes to visit me for Tea today, so I am going to be very busy making some yummy muffins for the Tiger! But I need some help with how many sprinkles to use to decorate the muffins with. Can you find the answers to the questions inside the muffin case (see attached photo) and help me with my sprinkle problem? Watch out for the addition and subtraction signs!

Task 4 (Other):
If an animal could come to your house for tea, what animal would it be? Can you make a mask of your chosen animal? Use any materials that you have at home to do this.

Task 5 (Optional):
Maybe today you could have a special tea party or picnic at home with your animal teddy bears! I would love to see it if you do!

Let me know if you have any problems accessing the work.

Best wishes,
Miss Webb
Music Mark School
Diocese of Westminster