Tuesday 23rd February

Class Pages

Hello everyone,

Here are the Home Learning tasks for today! Please upload any evidence that you have onto Tapestry for me to see, or similarly email any photos to the School Office.

Draw a picture of your own Alien in Underpants. Don't forget to give it a name! After, write some sentences to describe what your alien looks like. These can be 'It has...' sentences e.g. It has red eyes. Remember to encourage your child to sound out the words themselves. This should not have perfect spelling, it should show that they have been applying their phonics to try and spell different words.

For this activity you will need lots of PANTS! Using your pants, can you make a pattern by colour e.g. red pair, blue pair, red pair, blue pair. How many different patterns can you make? Are there any other ways you can make patterns using your pants? Similarly, if you do not want to use pants, use any resource you have at home- it could be socks for instance!

Other (EAD):
Using any resources that you have at home, make your own pair of pants for an alien. These could be made on top of your clothes out of newspaper, tin foil, magazines or similarly it could be a painting, collage or whatever you think of! I look forward to seeing what different ideas you all have!

Let me know if you have any issues accessing this work!

Best wishes,
Miss Webb
Music Mark School
Diocese of Westminster