Thursday 25th February

Class Pages

Hello everyone,

Here are the Home Learning tasks for today. Please upload any evidence of these tasks being completed onto Tapestry for me to see or similarly, email any evidence to the School Office.


Watch the video attached and join in with today's phonics lesson. Today we are going to learn a new sound! It is the second 'oo' sound as in 'book'. This is a little bit of a confusing sound as we have already learnt the 'oo' for 'moon' sound. You will need your homework books and something to write with. The last activity on the recording is a challenge activity- so you do not have to do it!

Follow the link below. It will take you to a 'Random 2D Shape Generator'. Start the generator and wait for it to land on a shape. Ask your child what shape it has landed on. After, ask them to have a go at drawing their own version of that shape. Keep going until you have one of each of the shapes on the generator. As an extra challenge, can your child draw any other shapes that weren't on the 'Shape Generator' (e.g. heart, diamond, oval etc). I have uploaded a document to show what these could look like.
Other (PD):

Earlier on in the week, the children in School had an online PE lesson lead by Mr Davies. The lesson has been recorded and uploaded onto the School website for you to join in at home! Please follow the link below, which will take you to the correct page on the website.
World Book Day Notice (Thursday 4th March):

I am just posting to tell you about a competition that the school is running for World Book Day next Thursday. I have attached a poster to this post that will explain it a little more. Essentially, the children have got the task to create a known book character using a potato! There are some examples of ideas on the poster and more attached to this post that may inspire you!

It would be really great if this could be something that we all get on board with. There are some prizes up for grabs, which is very exciting! If you do choose to take part in this, then please send a photo of your child's finished Potato Character to the School office/Tapestry by Thursday 4th March.

World Book Day is officially on Thursday 4th March. So next Thursday if your child would like to join us on Zoom at 2pm dressed as a Book Character, then they absolutely can! It is not something that has to be done, but is entirely up to you! I do not want to add any pressure to anyone to make or buy any costumes!

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Best wishes and happy potato crafting,

Miss Webb
Music Mark School
Diocese of Westminster