Reception - Maths

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Please check back here to see resources that will support you in helping your child with their Maths.


Encourage children to:

  • Count the steps we go up and down
  • Look at the house numbers or bus numbers while in the street
  • Set the table - how many cups etc do we need?
  • Match pairs of socks
  • Brush long hair or short hair

Other Maths vocab to use is heavy/light, empty/full, long/short, big/small, in front of, behind, in, on, under, next to. For example, when stacking pots and pans after they have been washed up, or stacking the dishwasher, ask questions such as:

  • Which is the smallest?
  • Which is the biggest?
  • Which is the heaviest pan?
  • Which is the lightest pan?
  • Look at how tall the flowers have grown
  • Sing number rhymes
  • Cut out numbers in magazines and catalogues, find page numbers books
  • Play games such as dominoes, snakes and ladder, skittles and card games such as snap. You can even play I-spy using descriptions e.g. I spy something that has 3 legs