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Here is the homework for Friday 2nd October.

Hi everyone!

We are at the end of another lovely week in Reception!

Here are the homework tasks for this week:

We have been learning the ‘s, a, t, p, i, n’ sounds in school for the last two weeks. For homework, use the photos uploaded on this post and see if your child can point to a sound that you say e.g. can you show me the ‘t’ sound?
Afterwards, check if they can they then write the sound?
Using the ‘I Spy’ photo, can your children spot anything that has each of these sounds in? E.g. snake starts with the ‘s’ sound.
If you would like to give your child an additional challenge, then use the photo that shows simple SATPIN words and see if your child can sound them out and say what the word are. You could then challenge them further by letting them have a go at writing them.
Please evidence this homework, through videos or photos and upload these onto tapestry. Any writing should be completed in their blue homework books.

On some A4 paper write all numbers from 1-10 (see photo). Can your children identify all these numbers when pointed to in a random order?
After, cut out the individual numbers so you have mini flash cars (see photo) and ask your child if they can order their numbers from 1-10? You could challenge your child by doing the same activity, but starting at 10 and going backwards.
A fun game you could play, is ask them to close their eyes and you could remove one of the numbers. Can they then figure out which number is missing? Please evidence this homework through photos.

Materials Hunt:
In Reception, we prefer to use as many natural resources as we possibly can, such as shells, conkers, pine cones, dry leaves (different coloured ones), small and large stones. But our supply is beginning to become a bit limited. We would really be grateful if over the weekend, if you could try and hunt down any of these types of things and bring them in for us to use. Even over the next few weeks, we would really appreciate it if you could keep a lookout for some of these things and bring them into school.

I’d just like to say a huge thank you to you all for being so fantastic with completing homework tasks! I know using tapestry isn’t always ideal, but we are so happy with the content being posted and it is great to see such lovely photos of the children having fun whilst learning.

Have a lovely weekend everybody and best wishes,
Miss Webb