Phase 5

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We are now working on phase 5.

This is when we start to learn alternative graphemes for the sounds we already know.

So far we have learnt: ay as in pay, ou as in loud, ie as in tie and ea as in beach

and Tricky words for reading: oh, their, people

We have also started to use phoneme frames and best bet charts.
ee ea ey y e
Sheep Read Monkey Funny Jesus
Feet Bead Donkey Lady  
Meet Lead Money Crazy  
Keep Plead Chimney    
Need Cheat Cockney    
Feed Meat      
Decodable High Frequency Words   Tricky High Frequency Words
Don't Came Oh
Old Make Called
I'm Here People
By Saw Mr
Time Very Mrs
House Put Could
About   Asked
Your   Their
Day   Looked
Music Mark School
Diocese of Westminster