Pastoral Care

Our aim is to ensure that each child is encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and others.

Ultimately, the only effective form of discipline is self-motivation and so we try to guide children towards this by developing their awareness of acceptable standards and attitudes to work and behaviour. Points are awarded for good work, behaviour and helpfulness. When a child gains a specified amount of points he/she receives an achievement sticker and merits.

Calm and order within the school are essential for learning, and a high standard of behaviour is expected of every pupil. As the education of a child is a partnership between home and school, we expect the full support of parents in maintaining standards of behaviour.

The rules of the school are simple and basic. The children are made aware of them on a regular basis. Their purpose is to try to ensure the safety, happiness, progress, smartness and good conduct of all the pupils in the School.

A positive approach is used whenever possible, rewarding good behaviour with praise rather than focusing attention on misdeeds. Misbehaviour is treated according to the nature of the offence, being usually dealt with by verbal reprimand or loss of privileges. Serious problems are referred to a child's parents, so that home and School can act together to resolve the situation.

Overall responsibility for behaviour, pastoral care and discipline lies with the Headteacher. The Class Teacher is initially responsible for good conduct and discipline of the class. He or she also shares the wider responsibility of discipline throughout the School.

Positive attitudes of mutual trust, respect and courtesy are encouraged. Appropriate behaviour is that which shows care and consideration for each other, that which tries to understand each other’s points of view, that which is truthful. This appropriate behaviour is encouraged by making expectations clear and by praising instances of care, consideration and truthfulness. It is further encouraged by providing adult role models who are respectful of each other’s dignity, who are consistent and fair in dealing with other individuals, and who are obviously courteous.

However, sanctions - such as the withdrawal of privileges - are applied if inappropriate behaviour occurs. Our Behaviour Policy can be found on the Policies page within the Statutory Information section of this website.

Learning Mentor - Ms Smith

We are lucky to have our very own learning mentor to support the mental wellbeing of our students. Ms Smith is available to run 1:1 sessions with those who need it, as well as focus group to focus on key social skills. Ms Smith supports the children during lunch time and runs her very own 'HUT' for the children to visit her if they have any worries, concerns or queries.