Nursery - Class Timetable

Nursery Timetable
This is the page where you will find details of the class timetable.

RE - takes place every Monday. The aim is to develop children's understanding of the world's religions. Through religious education, children will learn about different religions and their traditions, practices and beliefs.


PE - takes place every Wednesday. The curriculum focuses on children's physical development, teaching and developing the fundamental skills of movement, balance, coordination, flexibility and agility. Your child will come in to school in their PE kits and where their kits throughout their session at nursery. For safety reasons, we tape over earrings, so if your child wears earrings you may want to remove them on PE days. 


Forest School - takes place every Wednesday. Children are given an opportunity to learn in a new way and within a new environment. Forest school introduces a whole new dimension to teaching and learning, with new experiences for both the children and teachers. Forest school sessions allows children to take risks and attempt new challenges they would not face in a classroom.


Music - takes place every Thursday. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. Dancing to music helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression. For children and adults, music helps strengthen memory skills.


Computing - takes place every Thursday.  Computing lessons in the EYFS ensure that children develop listening skills, problem-solving abilities and thoughtful questioning — as well as improving subject skills across the seven areas of learning.