New Nursery Children 2022/2023

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Welcome to St. Bernadette Nursery!

We're looking forward to welcoming your family into ours! Your child will love nursery as they will fill their days with fun and inspiring learning experiences. And you’ll love what we do too, because we know that giving your little one the best possible start in life really matters.


Your child will develop a life-long love of learning with our bespoke curriculum. We will work with your child through fun and play to discover their individual interests and passions, helping them to prepare for the future, right from the very start.


Many of the activities, routines and skills your child learns at nursery will help to prepare them for school and ease their transition. In preparation for school, nursery helps to extend your little one's social development by forming key attachments outside the family unit. They will spend lots of time sharing rhymes, songs, stories, and playing games to develop their speaking and listening skills. They will be encouraged to learn to listen carefully, to develop concentration, to respond to questions and instructions, to share ideas and experiences, and to take part in conversations.

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Diocese of Westminster