Information about our Governors

Register of business interests

Below is the list of Governors and any Business Interests.
Governor Business interests
Jodie Reilly None declared
Paula Bennett None declared
Sandra Lavelle-Murphy None declared
Joanne Young None declared
Catherine Turton-Ryz Works for DfE - Academies Group
Jane Williams None declared
 Vanessa Bhogun  None declared
 Leavers This Year 2023/24:  
Charmaine Davies - October 2023  
Record of Attendance 2022/2023
Governor Governor Type
Mrs Paula Bennett Staff governor Y  Y  Y  N
Ms Vanessa Bhogun Local Authority Governor Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs Charmaine Davies Foundation governor Y  Y N  Y
Jodie Reilly Co-Headteacher Y  Y  Y  Y
Mr Vladimir Jirasek Foundation Governor  N     Y
Emma Lad Clerk Y  Y  Y  Y
Mrs Sandra Lavelle-Murphy Co-Headteacher Y  Y  Y  Y
Mr Jon Salinger Local Authority Governor Y        
Ms Catherine Turton Foundation governor Y Y N  Y
Mrs Jane Williams Foundation governor Y Y  Y  Y
Miss Joanne Young Parent Governor Y  Y  Y  Y