Why is Design & Technology important?

Design & Technology helps us to develop as reflective learners, as we work through the design process.

Through Design & Technology, we are able to work collaboratively to solve problems and find solutions, teaching us to deal with uncertainty whilst developing communication, organisational and other practical life skills.

In Design & Technology, we learn to appreciate the needs of others, the built environment and the likely impact of future technologies.

When is Design & Technology taught?
Design & Technology is taught both discretely (Focused Tasks / Design, Make, Evaluate Assignments) and through thematic units. Focused tasks are planned in across each phase.

How is Design Technology taught?
Design & Technology is taught through a combination of subject knowledge, skill building and design and make projects. Food technology is also taught through thematic units. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. See Appendix 1

What do we learn in Design Technology?

We learn about:-






Food technology


We also complete Design & Technology projects in each phase for specified clients e.g. the pirate, the evil genius, allowing pupils the opportunity to apply their skills.
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