Below is the list of the Teaching Staff at the School for the 2023-2024 School Year.
S. Lavelle-Murphy

Co-Headteacher and Collective Worship Co-ordinator

J. Reilly

Co-Headteacher and Catholic Life and Mission Co-ordinator

K. Merrell

Assistant Headteacher, Maths, Art and Design, Design and Technology co-ordinator

R. Alger


P. Bennett

Year 6 Teacher, KS2 Leader & Literacy Co-ordinator

L. Wright

Year 5 Teacher & Religious Education Co-ordinator

J. Reeve

Year 4 Class teacher and Physical Education shadow co-ordinator

F. Price

Year 3 Teacher & Science Co-ordinator

H. Jeffries

Year 2 Teacher - History & Geography Co-ordinator

G. Broom

Year 1 Teacher and Phonics Co-ordinator

L. Heatley

Reception Teacher, EYFS Leader & Computing Co-ordinator

L. Weston

Nursery Teacher & PE Co-ordinator

J. Marshall-Lavictoire

Nursery Teacher

J. Petifer

Music Teacher

L. Bell