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Last week of school

Thank you so much to Alex, Olivia, Sofia, Florence and Adriana for sending in their fantastic work!

Summer Term II

Virtual Sports Week

Thank you to Olivia who sent a picture of her plunk.

Can you beat Alex's score? I have received 2 video clips of him doing some activities and on top of that his parents told me that he already has completed 12 activities out of 23.

Cian did some amazing work at his friends house. Have a look.

Florence- our super baker - look at her last baking product. Great skills!

6th July- Big thanks to Olivia, Alex and Valentiono for sending examples of their work.Olivia made her own PPT about Australian animals. Great skills Olivia! Alex sent us his work about Australia, too. What a talented artist YOU ARE! Valentiono produced great work in Science, Maths and English.

29th June - Thank you for all of the email updates I have received. I am really enjoying seeing what you've been up to and how hard you're working at home! Well done!! Please continue to keep in touch and share photos of any work you're proud of.

This week I have received work from Alex, Olivia, Florence, Erin, Cian and Olivia. Florence has sent us her first voice recorded information about Australia Day! Hooray! Erin involved her brothers in creating a family vegetable garden! Looks impressive. Cian wrote a letter, painted an Aboriginal art and made Anzac biscuits. Unbelievable! Olivia used her writing skills and wrote a letter where she compared UK to Australia.

Jem has sent us a picture of him and his football friends. Aren't they adorable?

22nd June- 26th June- Thank you to Adriana, Alex, Erin, Nathan, Cian and Jem for their contribution to our Gallery. :) Your work/engagement is incredible.

15th June - 19th June - Well done to Alex, Scarlett, Jem and Cian - who sent their amazing work that they are proud of.

01.06.20 Please check our fantastic work, included in our shared album (1st - 5th June). So far we can see an amazing work from Olivia,Sofia, Cian,Valentino and Jem :)

08.06.20 What a fruitful week. I have received so many emails of the work you have been doing. It made me SO SO happy and proud. Thank you Olivia, Mason, Sofia, Cian, Alessandra and Florence.
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