Ethos and Values

Our School is proud of its strong community. We value our partnership with parents, parishes and the wider community. We acknowledge the crucial role played by parents as an integral part of our school community and we appreciate their involvement in the life and the work of the School. We are a school and church community, a family, promoting core Gospel values of compassion, respect for self and others, responsibility and honesty. We share a vision for each child to be cherished and have the best opportunities for an excellent education and fun-time in these formative years, to be a place where we help to make long-lasting magical memories through a creative inspiring curriculum.

We are a school offering excellence and enjoyment in learning and teaching, a place where each child matters, making a positive contribution in the service of others. We promote an inclusive curriculum, delivered by a caring, highly skilled, and professional staff.

We encourage the full potential of every person by providing a unique and sacred learning environment witnessing to the person of Christ at the centre of every aspect of school life. We seek to build positive relationships with parents and others we work with, to provide a service to society preparing children as good citizens.

We aim to foster a love of learning in our children and to allow every child to work to the best of their ability. We strive for excellence in all we do. We are currently developing our curriculum in order to make it even more enjoyable and relevant for children while at the same time establishing rigour and high expectations. We hope that by the time children leave St. Bernadette School they will have embraced all the opportunities available to them and will have achieved the very best of which they are capable. They will have enjoyed their time at St. Bernadette and developed their confidence and independence. We will have helped them to learn the skills and attitudes necessary to take on the new and exciting challenges of secondary school and to become responsible aware citizens in our multicultural society.
Music Mark School
Diocese of Westminster