Catholic Ethos

Our school is named after one of the most well known, yet most humble, saints in Church history, who has inspired many people by her simple faith and incredible life-story. As a school, we are guided in our lives by Saint Bernadette's humility and her consideration for love of others, before herself. (See link to the right of this page for a brief history of our patron.)

  • Religious Education is considered central to our whole school curriculum and is about the development of a way of living which improves the quality of life for all.
  • Other faiths are taught, in keeping with diocesan requirements.
  • The Religious Course followed is the Margaret Carswell Scheme. It is supplemented by other RE schemes and accounts for 10% of the entire curriculum time, excluding liturgies, assemblies and collective worship.
  • Through these schemes the children are taught the basis of the Catholic Faith and morality, which is constantly related to their own life experience. Hopefully, they are helped to come to a fuller knowledge and love of God which will develop into mature Christian living. On Holy Days of Obligation and other special occasions, we celebrate the Eucharist as a School. Year Three children are prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist within their respective parishes.
  • Children are are part of the Catholic Community. Year 3 and Year 4 attend events organised by the local parishes as well as the Westminster Diocese.
  • There are school assemblies, when groups of pupils take it in turn to lead the rest of School in prayer and reflection. The pupils are fully involved in the preparation of both Mass and assembly. Each day pupils pray together as a class. There is an open invitation to all parents to celebrate any school Mass or class sssembly with us.