• The school aims to provide an atmosphere of sincere respect and friendship on the understanding that all humans are uniquely created. Our Christian faith is not simply an added extra: it is integrated into the whole life of the school and all aspects of the curriculum. It is conveyed in the values and attitudes in which our school is structured.
  • The children are taught good manners and are expected to be courteous and polite. They are taught to share . They are helped to realise that each individual is very precious in the eyes of God. Our Mission Statement complements and underpins all we do. (See link to the right of this page.)
  • We aim to provide the type of school environment where each child will have the opportunity to acquire the following skills, abilities and qualities of thought. We consider these are essential for education and personal growth and will enable each child to approach life and learning situations with confidence.
  • A knowledge of the teaching of the Catholic Faith, which will result in a close personal relationship with Christ and a living faith.
  • A sense of personal and social responsibility.
  • Self discipline and the ability to work either alone or with others towards an agreed purpose.
  • The ability to communicate clearly and confidently in a variety of ways and contexts.
  • To read for information and pleasure, fostering an appreciation of literature.
  • An understanding of the application of mathematical ideas and the ability to use them appropriately in a variety of situations.
  • An ability to use scientific methods of investigation.
  • The ability to analyse and solve problems; to seek and interpret appropriate evidence; to consider and apply solutions.
  • Making use of the child's own environment and experiences, to extend the child's desire for knowledge, developing an appreciation of the concepts of time and place and an understanding of the factors influencing the development of the human and natural world.
  • Through the provision of creative and expressive experiences, to enable the child to develop imagination and sensitivity, acquiring an appreciation of the Arts.
  • Through carefully planned physical activity, to develop agility, physical co-ordination, confidence and the ability to express feelings through movement.
  • The ability to acquire information from a variety of sources, to use it effectively and so become independent learners.
Music Mark School
Diocese of Westminster