Friday 26th February

Class Pages

Hello everyone,

Here are the Home Learning tasks for today. Please upload any evidence that you may have onto Tapestry for me to see or email them to the School Office.

For this task you will be using the website 'Phonics Play'. We use this website a lot in school, so the children should know roughly what to do. There is a temporary login for this website (username: jan21 password: home). Follow this link for the first activity: 'Pick a Picture'. Make sure you select Phase 3 (Phase 3 Sets 6-7 is easier but it is up to you if you chose that one or the harder one with digraphs). Read the word in the middle of the screen and select the picture that shows that word!

The second activity called 'Grab a Giggling Grapheme' is a new game we have not played together in School yet. Please ensure you select all Phase 3. The computer will say a sound and you need to select which sound represents this.

I have uploaded two photos of maths challenge questions surrounding Number Bonds to 10. For the second question, essentially all you have to do is find how many different ways you can make 10 by adding two numbers together! Please write any answers that you find in your books. You may need some resources to support the second question!


Follow the link attached to watch and join in with Mr Pettifer's music lessons.

Zoom Task:

For today's Zoom task, we are going to do another Scavenger Hunt. I have attached what you need to find to this post. Please keep your findings to the side and bring them along to our 2pm check in! I look forward to seeing what you have found.

Let me know if you have any problems accessing the work!

Best wishes,
Miss Webb
Music Mark School
Diocese of Westminster