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School Mission Statement

P.E. at St. Bernadette

P.E. Coordinators - Miss Webb and Miss Bell

P.E. at St. Bernadette Primary School has undergone a major transformation to provide all children with the opportunity to engage and enjoy sports both within school and outside of school curriculum time.

Our goal is to be able to provide all children with outstanding P.E lessons in all year groups and encourage an enjoyment of physical activity. We wish to continue to focus our attention on further developing all teachers to provide fun and engaging lessons to all children at St. Bernadette. To ensure this, we have bought a new scheme of work for PE called Primary PE Planning. This planning provides all classes with detailed plans, resources and videos where appropriate for PE topics like gymnastics, cricket, athletics and dance to name a few. 

Having recently been achieved a National award for outstanding Primary P.E by the Youth Sport Trust, we have continued to develop and progress our practice. In doing this we have introduced new sports to the children such as Football and Gaelic Football. We were lucky enough to receive high quality coaching in both of these and the impact Gaelic Football had on the school was phenomenal. 

Sports week continues to be a very successful event of the year too, hosted in May we offer children a vast range of sports. This type of week gives many local clubs the exposure needed to gain interest as well as supplying children with first hand quality coaching of different sports. This year during sports week children were able to participate in archery, rock climbing, laser tag, aero-ball, golf, tennis, assault courses, football, fitball, dodgeball, rugby, hockey, gymnastics, dance, boccia, indoor curling, netball and basketball. 

A real target for the school was to involve more children in lunch time & after school sports clubs. This has been a huge success and we have large numbers showing up for different clubs throughout the week. In line with our sports leader initiative we are encouraging Year 6 children to plan and lead their own sessions, something that is being hugely successful with the Year 1's and these children are soon to be leading for Year 2.