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Maths Curriculum

In the Academic Year 17-18, we introduced a new maths scheme, known as Maths No Problem. This curriculum incorporates teaching methods developed in Singapore which are based on established theorists. It encourages the use of manipulatives, problem solving and group work so as to encourage pupils to master an understanding and love of maths. The learning process follows a step by step approach whereby the pupils engage with concrete materials/learning, moving onto pictorial representations. Thereafter, the children move to the abstract and will be assessed accordingly. Parents can be fully engaged in their children's education and  in keeping with statutory obligations placed upon schools, we have attached a range of information that may help. Please click on the links below:

For more information about our curriculum and ways you can support at home, please look at the class page. 


The Department for Education will be bringing in a Multiplication Tables Check for Year 4 pupils from June 2020.  The purpose of this test is to determine whether Year 4 pupils can fluently recall their multiplication tables.

The current Year 4 cohort will be taking part in a trial this year between June 10th-28th 2019 and the first statutory test will involve the current Year 3 cohort during the Summer Term of Year 4 (June 2020).

The test will be digital and will consist of 25 random multiplication questions such as 7 x 4 = ?  on a screen.  The children will be expected to answer the question using either a keyboard (if using a computer/netbook) or touchpad (if using an ipad).  They will have 6 seconds to answer before the next question appears.  All multiplication tables may be tested up to 12x12, which is the national expectation at the end of Year 4.  Therefore, the children need to be learning and practising all times tables and working on fast recall.  The Year 3 & 4 teachers will be dedicating some class time every week to this and will be getting the children used to the speed and appearance of the questions on a screen in order to ensure they are fully prepared.

Further information for parents can be found at:

Oxford Owl - What is the Year 4 multiplication tables check?

We would ask for your support in ensuring that the children in the current Year 4 class are fully prepared for the trial test this June and the children in Year 3 for the first statutory test in June 2020 by using a range of games and activities at home to encourage fast recall of facts up to 12x12.

Please find below some links to online games that may support fast recall:

Mathsframe - Multiplication Tables Check

(This activity exactly mirrors the 'Multiplication Tables Check' that will be given to children at the end of Year 4 so is a great website to use!)

Topmarks - Hit the Button

Times Tables Games

The School Run - Maths Times Tables