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School Mission Statement

Monday 4th May 2020

Hello everyone! Thank you to everyone who uploaded home learning and baby photos to Tapestry, the photos are so gorgeous!

Literacy: This week, we will be focusing on the book, 'Mad about Minibeasts' written by Giles Andreas, you can follow the link below to read the story or you may have your own copy at home.

Which mini-beast from the story is your favourite? The spider? The bee? The worm?Please draw a picture of your favourite minibeast in your blue book and write a sentence describing it. For example, 'the spider is big and black with a lot of legs.' Please use the sound mats to support sounding out and remember to use finger spaces. For an extension, please ask your child to write more descriptive sentences using full stops. For example, 'the spider is big and black with a lot of legs. It makes a silver web. It eats flies and bugs.'

If your child would like to learn more about individual minibeasts there is a lovely series called 'Minibeast adventures with Jess' on Youtube and she gives a detailed overview of different types. Please see the link below.

Maths: Well done to the families who managed to complete the flower hunt last week in spite of the rainy weather! This week, please ask your child to complete the mini-beast hunt that is attached, please ask them to record their answers on the sheet.

Please ask your child to complete the butterfly subtraction puzzle, they may need support to complete the subtraction sums using a number line or objects. For an extension, I have also attached an addition puzzle to 20, please ask your child to complete this version if they are confident with mental addition or using a number line, there is a minibeast themed number line attached.

UW: Are you brave enough to make your own bug hotel? Attached are some instructions that will support you, you don't need a garden to do this, you can make your own indoor bug hotel using boxes. Please upload photographs to Tapestry!

RE: We have been learning so much about God's creatures in our topic, it is important to remember that God created all of the beautiful animals, flowers and insects that we see around us. Please play the hymn 'All things bright and beautiful' and reflect on God's amazing Earth. Maybe you know it already and can sing along!

EAD: Can you make 'rock bugs?' All you need are some small stones/rocks that you can find when you go out for your daily exercise and paints. Maybe you could paint your favourite minibeast? Please see the images below for inspiration. Please upload photographs to Tapestry!

Rock Bugs - mini beast art design project creative | Teaching ...Hand painted stones # minibeast# | Hand painted stones, Stone ...Playful Rock Spider Craft - Kids Craft Room