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School Mission Statement

Monday 30th March 2020

Thank you to all the families who have uploaded their child's home learning to Tapestry this week, it is lovely to see how the children have been progressing and I can see that the children have been working so hard!

Literacy: This is the final week of the children's 'Traditional Tales' topic and this week the focus story will be 'Little Red Riding Hood.' Please read the story attached or you may have your own version at home.

Please ask your child to write a shopping list for Little Red Riding Hood. What do the children think she would like to buy for her grandma? Why? You can use the lined paper attached or the children can write it in their writing book. Please ask your child to sound out the words they would like to write, they can use the attached sound mats to help. The children do not need to spell all words correctly in Reception, they just need to use their phonic knowledge.

The children have been learning about describing words at school. Please ask your child to sort the descriptive words for the story characters on the sheet attached. They can either cut and stick on the sheet or they can draw the characters in their books and write the correct descriptive words.

Can your child pretend to be the wolf dressed as granny? What does the wolf say to Little Red Riding Hood? Please upload a video to Tapestry.

Extra writing: There is a letter template attached. Can your child write a sorry letter to granny from the wolf? What do you think the wolf would write in a sorry letter? Please encourage your child to use the sound mats to help them write independently.

Extra Phonics: I have attached some Phase 3 Phonics home learning sheets that the children can complete as extra activities.

Maths: Please ask your child to complete the missing numbers worksheet that is attached. 

The children were starting to use number lines to support them with adding and subtracting numbers. Using the number line attached, please ask your child to answer these questions in their book.

4 + 4 =

3 + 5 =

6 + 2 =

5 + 2 =

1 + 7 =

If your child manages to add numbers to 10 easily then please ask them to complete these addition sums to 20.

11 + 5 =

13 + 4 =

15 + 3 =

16 + 2 =

18 + 1 =

EAD: Little Red Riding Hood went for a walk through the woods, if you go on a walk as part of your exercise this week then please collect some natural resources to make a self portrait. You may even find some resources in your garden! You can use flowers, twigs, leaves or anything else you can find! Please see the images below for inspiration. Don't forget to take a photograph and put it on Tapestry!

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