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School Mission Statement

Monday 29th June 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine!

This week, the whole school are focusing on continents around the world and Reception will be learning about Africa!

Literacy: Please read through the information PowerPoint that is attached. If possible, please download Google Earth and show your child what Africa looks like from Space. Does it look the same as our country? Maybe you have some maps at home or on the internet that you can discuss. Is it a big continent or a small continent?

If you were going to Africa, what would you pack in your suitcase? You will need to think of the weather and where you would like to visit. Please write a list and draw pictures in your blue books.

Extension: Please type a list of safari animals, remember to carefully look for the correct button to press!

Please listen to the story, 'Handa's Surprise' by following the link below.

Please discuss the book at home. Which seven fruits did Handa put in her basket? What happened to the fruit? Which animals did you see?

UW: Do you like fruit like Handa in the story? Maybe you could have a fruit tasting session at home! Maybe you could try fruit from different countries that you have never tasted before! Or maybe you would like to make a healthy lion using hummus, onions, peppers and carrots? Please upload photos to Tapestry.

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Maths: Please ask your child to complete the graph worksheet attached. Please explain that they need to count the animal pictures and then draw the correct amount on the graph.

EAD: Please ask your child to draw or paint their favourite African animal! Please upload photos to Tapestry.

Just for fun: There is a safari animal game attached, can you guess what the animal is?

Have a great week!