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School Mission Statement

Monday 27th April 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed completing your home learning on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' last week, there has been some terrific work uploaded to Tapestry! We are going to continue with our topic, 'Growing and mini-beasts.' This week, we are going to focus on growing.

Literacy: Do you have any baby photos? How do you look different? What do babies need to grow? You can use the sheet attached or use your blue book. Please draw a picture of what you looked when when you were a baby and draw a picture of what you look like now. What happens to your body when you grow? Please upload baby/toddler photos to Tapestry, I am hoping to make a lovely display when we go back to school!

Please follow the link and watch the video with your child and have a discussion about Spring. What do you notice about the flowers and the animals? Please use the sheets or your blue book do write a sentence for each photograph. Please remember to use finger spaces and to add a full stop at the end.

Have you noticed there are a lot of flowers growing? Maybe you have some in your garden or you have seen some when you are out and about. Please read through the PowerPoint and discuss the different parts of a flower and then draw a picture of a flower in your blue book and write the different parts. Maybe you grow your own flowers or plants at home? It would be lovely to see some photographs on Tapestry.

Extension: Please complete the flower sequencing activity attached, you can use it as a cut and stick activity or you can draw the pictures and write the labels in your blue book.

Maths: Can you go on a flower hunt when you go for a walk? Please see the attached sheets and take them with you. What flowers do you see? Please write the number so you can record what you find.

Please see the attached measuring challenge cards and have a go! You may find it useful to use objects to complete some of the challenges.

Extension. Have you noticed that flowers are different sizes? If you find any stray flowers can you put them in height order and take photographs? Or maybe you could do this with some of your toys or objects from around the house?

RE:  Please listen to the song by following the link below.

Here are the lyrics, can you sing along? This song reminds us that the Holy Spirit will come into our lives and inspire us to make the world a better place.


Come Holy Spirit and fill my heart

Come Holy Spirit set me apart

Come Holy Spirit to you I pray

Come Holy Spirit show me the way

Come Holy Spirit and heal me now

Come Holy Spirit and melt me now

Come Holy Spirit and mold me now

Come Holy Spirit and use me now


Pour out your grace upon this place

I feel your healing touch in your warm embrace

Renew my life Lord Jesus Christ

That I may bring your love and peace to all the earth

As an extension, you can write the chorus in your blue book.

Art: Can you make your own baby animal collage? You can use paints, collage materials, junk modelling or you can draw in your book. Please see some examples below. Don't forget to upload photographs to Tapestry!

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