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School Mission Statement

Monday 1st June 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a restful half term and enjoyed the lovely weather! This week, the children will be starting their new topic which is 'Under the Sea.' The book we will focus on this week is 'Commotion in the Ocean.' Please see the link below or look out for Teddy on Tapestry who will read the book for you!

Literacy: Did you like the sea creatures? How are they different? Did you listen to the adjectives? Please choose five sea creatures from the story and write a list in your blue books. Can you sound out the words yourself? Have you noticed that a list looks different to when you write a sentence across the page? Please discuss the difference at home.

Extension: Which sea creature is your favourite? Why? Please write some sentences about your favourite sea creature. Can you remember to use describing words, finger spaces and full stops? Can you also draw a picture of your favourite sea creature?

Maths: This week, the children will be completing some revision on addition and subtraction and ordering numbers to 20. Please play the addition and subtraction games attached, if your child struggles with numbers to 20 then please practice numbers 1 to 10. I have also attached a cut and stick ordering activity, if your child would prefer to draw the fish and numbers themselves then that is fine too!

Extension: Can you write your own addition and subtraction sums in your blue book? Can you find the answer and write it down? Try and remember to form your numbers neatly and correctly! Can you also neatly write numbers 1-20.

UW: This week, we will be learning about floating and sinking! Can you investigate which objects float or sink at home? You could use a paddling pool or small tub filled with water and a variety of objects. Can you write down which objects float or sink in your blue book or on a piece of paper?

EAD: Can you create your own paper chain octopus? Please see images below for inspiration. Don't forget to upload photographs to Tapestry!

Easy Paper Chain Octopus Craft (With images) | Octopus crafts ...Paper Chain Octopus - Madhouse mummypaper chain octopus

Just for fun: The children love this song at school and it is a lovely way to get in the mood for learning about sea creatures! I hope you have fun dancing at home!