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School Mission Statement

Monday 18th May 2020


I am pleased you all enjoyed completing the 'Supertato' work last week, well done everybody! This week, we will continue our topic on 'Superheroes.'

Literacy:  What would your superpower be? What would your name be if you were a superhero? Please complete the superhero writing sheet attached or you can use your blue book. 

Did you know that there are real life superheroes too? Our families, doctors, nurses, fire fighters, police officers and many more fantastic people all work so hard to take care of us. Please upload a video to Tapestry explaining who is your real life superhero and why.

Extension: Can you write a short story about a superhero? What happens in the story? Can you use some describing words? Can you remember to use finger spaces and full stops? Please use your blue book.

Maths: Do you have an old phone or toy phone that your child can use to call superheroes? For a fun role-play activity, please see the phone numbers attached and ask your child to carefully dial the number. What questions would they ask a superhero?

Extension. Please write down the phone numbers in your blue book. Do you have a computer at home? Can you type the numbers?

EAD: I have attached some craft ideas, you can choose from creating a city, making a jet pack or making superhero cuffs! Maybe you have your own idea? You could make a cape or a mask? Or a superhero den in your garden or your home? Please upload photographs to Tapestry.

RE: Jesus is a superhero for all of us, he always looks after us and guides us. Please read the prayer attached and discuss why Jesus is our superhero.

Just for fun: I have attached some superhero colouring sheets and mask design activties if your child would like to complete some further learning.