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School Mission Statement

Monday 11th May 2020

Hello everyone,

I am pleased that you have all enjoyed the 'Growing and minibeasts' topic, thank you for the amazing work!

For the next two weeks, the topic will be 'Superheroes' and this week we will be focusing on the story, 'Supertato. Veggies Assemble.' Please follow the link below for the story or if you check Tapestry, there will be a very special and famous dog who will read the story for you!

Literacy: Please read the letter attached from Supertato to your child. What can they do to help? Can you make your own Supertato from a potato? Please see the images below for inspiration.

supertato activities - Google Search | Supertato, Superheroes eyfs ...Supertato | Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School

Can you draw a picture of the evil pea and write a sentence about why he is wanted? Please use your sound mats to sound out and use a full stop at the end of the sentence. You can use the 'wanted' sheet attached or complete it in your blue book.

Extension: Could your child re-tell the story using decorated fruit and vegetables? You could stick some googly eyes and other decorations or use pens to draw on real/pretend fruit and vegetables and have a lot of fun telling the story! Please upload photos/videos to Tapestry.

Supertato veggies assemble (With images) | Supertato

Maths: We have been learning about measuring in our 'growing topic and you learnt how to put objects in order from tallest to shortest or biggest to smallest! This week, we will learn about weighing. Do you have any fruit or vegetables at home? Can you investigate and find out which is the heaviest? You can use weighing scales or you can hold the vegetables and guess which is the heaviest. Please use the heavy/light chart to write down which fruits and vegetables are light/heavy or you can write them in your blue book.

Extension: Please play the lighter/heavier game that is attached. Can you also find objects around your home and investigate which are heavier/lighter?

UW: We have been learning about healthy eating and a lot of you made a healthy fruit smoothie as part of your home learning! Can you also make vegetable soup? There is a simple recipe attached or maybe you have your own recipe? Remember to wash your hands and be careful when using sharp equipment.

RE: May is the month when we honour Mary. Can you read the attached Hail Mary prayer to your child and discuss how special Mary is. Please ask your child to draw a picture of Mary in their blue books.