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School Mission Statement


WC 23.3.20

Washing up bowl Science

Find a bowl and selection of containers suitable for using in water pouring activities. These might include pans, jugs, empty milk containers, plastic mugs, etc. Ensure the water is at a safe temperature. Let your child empty and fill with the water. Which container holds the most? How many cups of water go into the pan? How many does it take to fill an egg cup? By using a washing up bowl, or a large mixing bowl you will be able to keep the quantity of water down to a minimum to avoid wastage. Youe child can scoop the water from the bowl into the receptacles.

Feely Bag

You could create your own feely bag, such as an old rucksack, an empty tissue box or cereal box (please no plastic bags) with items in from around the house. Use a bag that your child cannot see through. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to explore their senses. Encourage your child  to think about texture and descriptive terms for the objects. Are they bumpy, bubbly, coarse or furry? Children can develop a wide vocabulary by thinking about different texture words. You can use  this activity to try and match different items. Can you find two objects that are bumpy or two that are smooth?


Sort, Count, Match and Share

Play matching games. You could play snap type activities. Turn all the cards over and then   take it in turns to turn two over. If they match, you keep them. If not, turn them back and try   to remember what was on the card for next time. Dominoes is also a good game for  developing matching skills.