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School Mission Statement


Hi again everyone! Hope you and your families are keeping well.

This week we are focusing on Enterprise Week and Money!

Start Learning by asking your child what they know about money. Look at some real money together! Discuss different coins and notes. What is the same/ or different? What clues can we find to tell us the value of each coin/note?

Watch link above which introduces UK coins

Ask your child where do they think money comes from? Discuss. Share clip below. From Canada, but your child will love seeing coins being made!

Activity 1

Sort coins by value. Make simple labels for each set of coins. Discuss value of each coin. How many coins in each set?

Place coins under paper and rub over with a wax crayon. You might need to model this first for your child. They will be fascinated to see the impressions made by the different coins.

Activity 2

Play shops! Pretend that you or your child is going to the shops. Decide how much each item will cost. Make labels for goods being sold. Use either toy or real money. Play at your child’s level ie use one penny coins if easier! Have fun!

Activity 3

How do we earn money? What job would your child like to do when they grow up? Discuss.

Make a wanted poster for your child’s chosen job. You may need to model this first. Use attached sheet to record poster

Activity 4

Maths challenge!

Start by counting small groups of real pennies. When your child is able to do this accurately, move on to worksheet – counting jars of pennies and then real challenge, 2p pieces!

Many thanks for all your support.

Don’t forget to share your learning through Tapestry! Stay well and keep safe 😊