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School Mission Statement


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Our new topic is Dinosaurs this half term! We hope you will really enjoy your learning!😊


Begin by finding out what your child already knows about dinosaurs. Make a mind map together recording facts your child knows and what they would like to find out.

Watch the attached ppt – What is a dinosaur?

Look in books/internet/toy dinosaurs to find examples of different dinosaurs


Can you find a dinosaur with 2 legs?

Can you find a dinosaur with 4 legs?

Can you find a dinosaur with a long neck?

Can you find a small dinosaur?

Can you find a big dinosaur?


Encourage your child to record their findings. Model how to draw a picture of a dinosaur. Use questions above as prompts.

Shall we draw a big or small dinosaur?

How many legs shall we give our dinosaur?

Does our dinosaur have a long tail?


Next encourage your child to draw their dinosaur. Talk about their drawing, asking above questions.


Watch cbeebies Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures to learn about different dinosaurs together. What can your child remember after each episode?

Share dinosaur songs and rhymes. See link or rhyme below. Encourage your child to use their fingers to count number of dinosaurs.

Don’t forget to share your learning through Tapestry! Stay well and keep safe 😊