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School Mission Statement


Hello again Everyone, Great to see all your wonderful Home Learning on Tapestry 😊

Start this week by watching cbeebies story

Discuss the story. What would you do if you had a dinosaur for a pet? Encourage your child to choose an activity they would get their dinosaur to do and act out with a toy/props or record as a picture. Encourage your child to record what is happening in the activity through mark making or adult to scribe pupil voice.

Look at mind map started at the beginning of the topic and discuss all the things you have learned about dinosaurs. Have you answered all the questions you had? If not, do some research together to try to find out answers. 


In maths start with some counting. First practise counting concrete objects – pointing to each object as you count. This can be followed up by completing the attached dinosaur counting sheet.


Next activity is some addition. We have practised addition using objects and recorded informally before, but not as a number sentence. This is new learning for your child. Introduce your child to the + symbol and explain that we use this symbol to add objects or numbers together. Introduce your child to = symbol. We use this symbol to = find out and record what the answer is.


Practise some addition using objects and when your child is ready move on to addition using pictures and then numbers.

The progression for addition is concrete (objects) pictorially (pictures) abstract (symbols)

Twinkl addition sheets are attached for when your child is ready, but please continue addition with objects for as long as your child is at this level 😊

Practise pencil control either by drawing patterns for your child to trace or use attached Twinkl pencil control dinosaur themed sheets.


Don’t forget to share your learning through Tapestry! Stay well and keep safe 😊