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School Mission Statement


Hi again everyone

Hope you and your families are safe and well and you have been enjoying the lovely sunshine! 

We are going to start our new topic Space!

Start by making a mind map about what you know about Space.

What do you know about Space? Where is Space? How do you travel to Space? What is in Space? What would you like to find out about space?

Talk to your child about the Moon. When do we see the Moon? How do we get to the Moon?


Discuss what you have found out about the Moon. If we were going to go to the Moon, how would we travel there? In a rocket. What does a rocket look like?

Activity 1

Make a rocket ship using junk materials. Support your child as needed. Can you add windows to your rocket ship? Is anyone looking out?

Activity 2

Practise your fine motor skills by colouring and then cutting out a rocket ship (see attached sheet)  

Activity 3

What shape is the Moon? It is a sphere. Show your child another sphere at home so they can identify the shape. Can you go on a shape hunt looking for spheres? Draw a picture and label spheres that you have found.

Share 3D shape ppt to explore other 3D shapes. What other 3D shapes can you find at home?

Don’t forget to share your learning through Tapestry! Stay well and keep safe 😊