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School Mission Statement


Hello again Everyone 😊 Thank you for all the fantastic Home Learning you have uploaded to Tapestry. It is lovely to see all the activities you have enjoyed as a family.

This week we are going to explore shape through our dinosaur theme. Unfortunately my images haven't transferred to this page as per the word document, so I have also uploaded learning to Tapestry so you can view complete document! 

Please see attached 2D shape ppt to explore 2D shapes – Name circle, square, rectangle and triangle with your child. Discuss the properties of each shape eg how many sides/curved/straight/corners



Model how to draw each shape. Encourage your child to try and draw each shape.


Can you create a picture of a dinosaur using 2D shapes? Adult model how to create picture as needed. Use Twinkl resource sheet to make dinosaur using shapes. How many of each shape have you used?

Watch Dinosaur shape song

How many different shapes can you remember the name of? Can you find examples of any of these shapes at home?


Now see if you can create a 3D dinosaur using junk materials at home. Please watch link as demonstration

Don’t forget to share your learning through Tapestry! Stay well and keep safe 😊

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