Please check back here to see information and resources re hand writing. Hopefully these will help you support your children at home.

IDEAS FOR WRITING ACTIVITIES AT HOME: writing is so much more than holding a pencil and making marks,

You need to start BIG!

- Provide scarves, ribbons to make patterns by twirling them and bubbles to pop

- Provide large decorating/paint brishes and buckets of water to 'paint' outside

Many of the activities that help children learn to write do not actually involve children writing:

- Scrunching up newspaper, tissue paper and popping bubble wrap

- Roll, cut, pound and pinch playdough

- Dried beans, pasta, lentils, rice; transfer using spoons, tweezers or index finger and thumb

- Provide a selection of plastic jars/bottles with screw top lids; open to find the hidden treasure

- Make a writing tray by spreading shaving foam, rice, cous cous or sand into a tray. Children can use this to practise writin their letters, words or sentences.

- Provide washing up bottles filled with water that they can use to practise writing on hard surfaces outside.

- Children LOVE writing on whiteboards or in wipeable workbooks.

- Have an alphabet frieze up. This will help them know how the letters are formed.

- Use fun things to write with e.g. mix mud and water together that your child can use to write with outside.

- Use any opportunity that you get for your child to write for a purpose e.g. birthday cards, labels, shopping lists, to do lists, lists of toys.....Christmas is coming up :-)

- Model writing. Let your child see you write and that writing has a purpose and helps you e.g. shopping lists. Write together and ask for help from your child. I am often very 'forgetful' and 'can't remember' how to spell words or form letters....they can't wait to help you!

TRICKY and  HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS - speaking, hearing and doing at the same time makes learning more effective. We are currently learning and, the and to

LOOK at the word

SAY the word aloud. Close their eyes and try to visualise it

COVER the word

WRITE the word and say it when they write it

CHECK that the word is correct



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