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Ways to help your child

To support your child at home, there are many things you can do.

  • Go for a shape walk. Can you find 2D shapes in your house or the local environment? Can your child name them and group them?
  • Practise counting every day in real activities, i.e setting the table "Can you get 4 mats please" etc. Can your child pair socks or put matching pairs together?
  • Fine motor skills - try to build up hand strength and dexterity in using their fingers. Can they unscrew bottles? Make shapes on the bathroom wall with bubbles, make circles and swirls. Make dough (Pintrest has fabulous ideas) and use it for rolling, squishing, etc.
  • Environmental print - Can they recognise familiar names? Can they find their initial letter? Can they match singing the alphabet with spotting the letters?
  • Read every day, share the pictures, talk about the story. Reading is not about "barking at print"; it is for a purpose, to be entertained, to find out something.  Comprehension is the key to a good reader. 
  • Sing nursery rhymes. Can they spot the rhymes? Can they finish if you stop half way through?
  • is a useful website to support early phonics, such as listening to sounds, clapping syllables, finding rhymes.
  • Talk about your day, their day, encourage them to  share how they are feeling. 
  • Self help skills - dressing, independence, keeping safe.
  • Go for a walk and look for signs of the changing seasons. Talk about days of the week, months of the year, seasons.