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This week in Nursery

Autumn Term 2018

We have had an exciting start to the new school year! Our topic is All about Me. We have been busy drawing self portraits, and painting pictures of our faces. Next we will be talking about our families and our homes.

In RE we have explored how God made us all Unique. We are all special and all different and we all belong to God's family. 

Please see our Curriculum Planner Autumn 2018 for more detail. Please also enjoy observations of the children's learning which can be found on Tapestry. Please look in the Tapestry folder for more information about using Tapestry.

Summer Term 2 2018

As we move into the last week of term we will be extending  our knowledge of the church with the children attending the very special year 6 leavers mass. This will prepare the children for next year, when as part of the whole school,  they will regularly go to mass both at school and in church.  

Fabulous work this half term with Space  and Summer Holidays. The children enjoyed an amazing day trip to Spain on Friday 13th July. See Tapestry for all the experiences and leaning opportunities the children have had this term.

Keep trying the maths challenges, you can also make up similar ones, as these are wonderful leaning opportunities for you to talk about maths in the every day things with your child.

We will keep supporting transition to Reception with visits inside the school , going to the dining room , playground, Reception class, the office , library and the  big boys and girls toilets. We will use our emotion puppets and circle time to talk about change and to look forward to all the wonderful new experiences and learning they will have.  

Over the holidays make regular trips to the local library and join their book start scheme. Practise putting on and off the school uniform and getting dressed for PE. Independently is the key word. You will be supporting your child enormously if you can help them do this.  The six weeks gives lots of opportunities for practising. Use the sheet that we have previously given you for the stages of putting on socks, coats etc.. stand back and encourage, let them do it by themselves, they will get faster and more confident each time. Try not to jump in and do it for them. They will get there. Use lots of specific praise  e.g.." that was really good how you put your toes in first and then pulled the sock over your heel. Well done, you are getting so good at this!" 

Thank you to parents and relatives for attending learning journals open mornings. Your participation in these events is so important and the children love sharing and showing all their hard work with you. Many thanks.

Well done to all the children for another half term full of exciting events and learning opportunities. Everyone had lots of fun at the Snail Race and enjoyed learning about the giant land snails that came to visit for the week. Check your Tapestry pages for photographs. Remember to look for Minibeasts in your garden or the park. Can you find caterpillars and butterflies ?

We will be working very hard on our first week back  on Tuesday 5th starting with Zumba for sports week. Please make sure that your child is dressed in sports wear for the whole week as we will be trying lots of new activities. Send in a full, clean water bottle every day , make sure they have sunscreen on and wear a hat please. The week ends with sports day, this is a carousel of events that Nursery and Reception work together in teams. Send your child in as normal at 8.45 a.m. and we aim to start at 9.15 a.m. All welcome to watch and cheer on your child. It usually finishes at 10.15 a.m. You may take your child home afterwards if you wish. The Key Stage 1 sports starts at 10.30 ( approx) . The school then has a  picnic on the school field to which parents / carers are invited. ( Bring your own picnic and rug) The juniors ( key stage 2) then have their sports day in the afternoon which finishes with class races. 

Enterprise week ~ have you got a career/ job/ expertise that you would like to share with Nursery ? We will be learning about people who help us and developing our financial skills . We will make objects to sell to parents/ friends on Enterprise day Friday 22nd June . So contact us if you have any ideas or can help.

School trip Wednesday 13th June 2018 to Our Lady of Walsingham Church as part of developing our understanding of the church and our community. We will need helpers , see letter .  

Our topics this term will support the activities we are covering. First we will look at Growth and Keeping Healthy, then The Church and Local Community, Teddy Bears, Money  & People who help us , Space and then supporting transition. So we will be very busy. 

Thank you, as always, for all your support. Please continue to post WOW moments on Tapestry. Huge thanks for all the fundraising, we are within striking distance of our target of £250.


Summer Term 1 2018 

Dates for your diary :

  • ERIC morning for reading with your child Friday 11th May 2018 at 8.45 am
  • Sports Week 5th- 8th June wear sports clothes as outside activities
  • Sports Day Friday 8th June am ( letter to follow)
  • School Trip ~ Our Lady of Walsingham Church Wednesday 13th June ( letter to follow)
  • Teddy Bears Picnic Thursday 14th June
  • Learning Journals Week 25th -28th June

Nursery Parents Fundraising

Fantastic, you have raised £165 ( the most of any class so far ) the £100 came from FABs for the Easter egg hunt. The £65 from mufti day and donations. Thank you so much for your generosity.

As parents, a decision was made for mufti days on Fridays, please check parents contact for details.

Idea for coffee morning for Teddy Bears picnic TBC by parents.

Welcome back after our Easter break. We look forward to a full half term with topics about Dinosaurs and Minibeasts. We will be developing our writing and number skills through recording our knowledge in play  such as making posters about favourite dinosaur , adding labels etc.. 

As we continue to celebrate the joys of Easter Sunday we look at Jesus' friends and their journey. Our new topic is New Life  . 

As part of nursery fundraising for the school this Friday 20th April will be a mufti day. Thank you to the parents for organising this. See the note that is on the nursery window and sent home. 

Remember as the weather heats up please send in a full, named water bottle. Apply sun lotion before your child comes to school. Send in a named sun hat. 

Remember the challenge sheet sent home with activities to try . Be sure to post any "WOW" moments on Tapestry . 

Spring Term 2 2018

Tuesday 20th March 2018 ~ parents consultations. Please sign up for the time you would like on the sheet in nursery foyer. Appointments from 8.30 am ~ throughout the day.

26th February 2018 is Book Week. We will be celebrating book week with activities about favourite books, guess the book from the character, making books / favourite page.

On Thursday 1st March we will all be dressing up as our favourite book character. Please make sure that your child will be comfortable and able to move safely as we will still be engaging in our daily routine.

On Friday 2nd March at 11.30 am we would love to see as many parents/ carers as can attend to share a book with your child. Special treat that day, all children will receive a free new book to take home from a book charity.

12th – 16th March 2018 is Science Week. See the separate newsletter explaining the week and dress as a scientist day.

26th – 29th March ~ Holy Week, the most important week of the Church’s year. We will celebrate Palm Sunday and then look at the Last Supper. We will look forward to Easter after the sadness of Good Friday.

Remember we break up on Thursday 29th March and return to school on Tuesday 17th April

We will be sending home a sheet with some home learning ideas. Please post on Tapestry any ones that you complete, enjoy, already do etc.. Please continue to share your child's WOW moments with us. Many thanks :)  

Welcome back after our half term break. We are moving towards Spring and preparing for our most important festival of Easter . In class we will have our prayer table in purple and we will talk about saying sorry, being kind and sharing with other people. We will learn about Jesus choosing his friends  and listening to his stories.

Our new topic is animals. We will explore how we can group them such as farm animals, wild animals, pets. One of our main books will be Dear Zoo and we will be writing our own books. We will continue with mark making and encouraging independent name writing. 

We will be developing our maths skills with counting, number recognition, starting to record numbers and use maths vocabulary in our play. Please carry on talking to your child about numbers, use them in everyday activities. Do they recognise their door number ? Can they count out the plates for dinner ? 

Please continue to check Tapestry. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and feedback after learning journal mornings. Keep posting WOW moments that your child achieves at home . 

Spring Term 1 2018

Please make a note in your diaries for Learning Journals open morning. This is an opportunity for you to share your child's journal with them . Each colour group will have their day when parents can come in at 8.45 - 9.15 to look at all their wonderful work.  

Red group - Monday 5th February 2018 

Yellow group - Tuesday 6th February 2018

Blue group - Wednesday 7th February 2018 

Green group - Thursday 8th February 2018 

Huge thank you to Busana who shared her skills and knowledge with the early years and taught all of us a lot about South Africa. Thank you to all the parents and families that sent in information about Vietnam, Slovakia and Greece . Thank you for other faiths families who shared the special festival of  Eid that happens at the end of Ramadan. 

We continue to use Traditional Tales as a way of exploring our curriculum . We are now reading Jack & the Beanstalk so get ready for lots of Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum . 

Please tell dads, uncles, grandads that we are having our ERIC morning on Friday 26th January 2018 at 8.45 am . Come and share a reading book with your child. 📚  

Welcome back and hope you all had a restful holiday. We have an exciting term ahead.

This half term we are looking at Traditional Tales, starting with Goldilocks. Encourage your child to tell the story using the opener "Once upon a time ....."

We are exploring British Values ( see notes for parents for more details at the bottom of this page )  and are asking for your valued contributions.

In nursery we are looking at Mutual respect and tolerance: where we learn to treat others as we want to be treated. How to be part of a community, manage our feelings and behaviour; and form relationships with others.

Nursery will be working with Reception class to produce a display for the whole school.

We are focusing on all the wonderful things we can share such as saying hello/ good morning in a different language. Looking at different celebrations or traditions.

  We would be very pleased if any of our families would like to share with us anything that would enrich our nursery experience.


  • Can you speak a different language?
  • What festivals or traditions are important to your family?
  • Do you have special statues / pictures/ clothes/ prayers that are special to your family?
  • Have you a favourite family meal?

If you would like to add this information to tapestry, take a photograph, or send in something (nothing too precious) that we can look at or talk about. Or would you like to come and talk to the children about your child hood / home etc.

Please let us know, we would love to hear your voice.

RE We will looking at the Holy Family and Jesus' childhood. We have celebrated Epiphany and now move onto Jesus as a young child.

Dates for your diary

Friday 26th January 2018 ERIC This is a shared reading session with your child. we encourage male role models / family members to come and share a book. Please try to attend so that your child is able to show  off their reading skills . It is at 8.45 am for the first session so will be finished by 9.15 .


Autumn Term  2  2017

Congratulations to all the pupils for our nativity concert Miracle In Town .  Well done for learning all the new songs and actions  🌟🌟

18/12/17 Christmas Clothes ~ Remember children can wear their special Christmas themed clothes on Monday . We will be having our party so please make sure you have sent in your offering.  Thank  you for all your contributions  

Please see the letter about the school pantomime on Monday afternoon. 

We break up from the Christmas holidays on Tuesday 19th December at normal time of 11.45 . The children will return on Thursday 4th January 2018 . Our new topic will be Traditional Tales. 

Wishing you all a happy and holy Christmas. May you be blessed by peace and happiness and we look forward to seeing everyone back rested and well in January . 😊

A Miracle In Town  ~The Early Years Christmas Concert is rapidly approaching and following up the note home please send in your completed angel costume for your child. ( If you received a different letter about camels or star, you do not need to make the costumes as we have them ready ).

This Week we will be having our dress rehearsal and lots of practising getting dressed and undressed and keeping clothes together. Please help you child to do this at home by getting undressed and putting clothes into one pile on a chair or table. 

The children have been working hard learning lots of new songs. Two favourite and familiar songs are "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "Away in a Manger" please practise these at home.

The concert is on Tuesday 12th December 2017 at 10.00 am 

Anti-Bullying Week 13th November 2017

Theme ~ All Different, All Equal

In Nursery this week we will be looking at Kindness as our way of talking about being good friends, doing kind deeds and using kindness with our hands and our words.

We will explore a range of activities this week.

  • One will be decorating Gingerbread people to show that we are all different but all equal .  (If you have any concerns about your child using icing, gingerbread etc please let us know)
  • On Friday everyone will wear blue for anti-bullying  Please send your child into nursery in  something blue .

Tuesday 14th November 2017 ~ School photographs 

Parents Consultations is on Wednesday 15th November from 8.30 am. A slip with your time was sent home on Friday 10th November. The consultations will be in the main school ~ SENCO office. Please contact the office if you are unable to attend ( 01727 822489)

Thank you for all the pet photographs. The children have really enjoyed role play as vets and pet owners. 

Thank you for all the photographs of your family pets. The children are so proud to see their picture up in the Vets wall of fame.

Please sign up for parents consultations on

Wednesday 15th November 2017 from 8.30 am  ~ 3.00 pm

There is a list inside the cloakroom on the notice board . Please see me if there are any questions.

This half term we will be celebrating different festivals and preparing for Christmas .

We will be using the children's interest for our home corner and it will become a vets. Please remember to send in a photograph of your child with their pet. If they don't have a pet, please use a favourite toy animal. Remember to put the name of the pet on the back of the photograph. We will use this for lots of different activities and the children will be delighted to see their pet on the wall of fame. 

Dates for this half term:

  • Parents consultations Wednesday 15th November 2017 (TBC) see nursery window and display board for allocated times.
  • Tuesday 12th December at 10.00 Foundation Stage ( nursery and reception) Christmas Play 
  • ERIC morning ( Everyone Reading In Class) and Learning Journal Open mornings dates to follow.

hank you so much to everyone for all their contributions for the harvest. The food was distributed to the local community and the local food bank. Congratulations to all the children for a wonderful harvest assembly for parents, families and friends. They showed lots of skills and enjoyed sharing all their new songs and experiences with others.

Thank you to all who posted pictures and comments showing technology in the home and community. 

The Nursery class will be sharing their Harvest songs with you on

Wednesday 18th October 2017 at 11.15 am

 Please remember this will be in the school hall so enter the school via the main office.  

Please can you send in harvest offerings that we will distribute to local families.  Tinned goods, packets, tea, coffee, long life milk , soup etc.. are all gratefully received.

  • We recognise that many of our pupils have wonderful technology skills such as the ability to programme the sky box, play a favourite DVD, build a house on Minecraft,  download or open an APP, take photographs/ videos on phones/ tablets and watch them back etc.. Please can you post on Tapestry a photo and  add notes of what your child is able to do to enable us to get a full picture. If your child is not doing any of these things, do not worry, continue to enrich their life as you normally would. However, you could point out how much technology is used in every day life and play a game of spotting it i.e. the microwave with its programmes, your emails pinging into a device, the till at the supermarket. Many thanks . 
  • Children have been exploring lots of autumn sensory experiences and preparing for Harvest. We have used the traditional tale of the Little Red Hen to gain an understanding as to where bread comes from, as well as the important skill of helping others. Please see your Tapestry journal for pictures of your child making the bread. In snack time on Friday 6th October they feasted on their bread. Delicious. Please try and make some at home as it covers many skills such as weighing, measuring , stirring, kneading etc.. 
  • Thank you to those parents who attended the Tapestry meeting :) 
  • Monday 25th September 2017 at 2pm  Tapestry meeting in the hall to explore the on line learning journal.
  •  The children have shown lots of skills in their music and PE lessons and have settled in well to class.
  • We will be investigating and searching for signs of Autumn and preparing for the Harvest assembly. Please help your child look for changes in the season with leaf colours, migrating birds, "seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness" and changing weather / temperature. 
  • We are continuing to look at Our Wonderful World and the creation story. Please help your child practise our new prayer. " God made the sun, God made the sea, God made the fishes and God made me !"
  • Wednesday 13th September ~ “Meet the Teacher” meeting. Here in nursery at 11.50 am to explain briefly how nursery curriculum is planned for this term, to clarify any common questions, especially for those parents who were unable to make the welcome meeting last summer. Children are able to stay and will sit or stand with their parent.
  • Thursday 14th September ~ Mufti Day ~ wear your own clothes to nursery and bring a bottle for the school Vintage Fair. Please dress your child in clothes that they can manage, not their “best” as it will be a normal school day with paint, glue, sand, water etc.
  • Saturday 16th September ~ Vintage Fun Day here on the main school playground from  12- 3.
  • Monday 25th September ~       Tapestry Meeting for parents at 2pm     ( please note change of date)   This will be in the school hall with the Reception parents.

Please continue to check the school website , the nursery window and emails for news, events or changes .

The children have had a very busy start to term and are settling in well. Keep checking your emails for Tapestry activation codes or new posts. Please let me know if you are having any difficulties.

Monday 11th September

We will be starting our baseline assessment for those children who are very settled and hoping to assess all over the next few weeks.

Our topic of All About Me will start with self portraits and how unique we are. In RE we will start to look at being part of God's family and all the wonderful things he created. We will be developing our listening and attention skills. We will be singing familiar rhymes and learning lots of new ones to help our numbers and rhyming skills.

We will have our first music lesson and PE. They do not need a PE kit but please practise taking off & putting on  shoes, socks and tights  as we encourage independence .

Welcome to the nursery page. Please check here for all events, curriculum news, open mornings, ERIC ( Everyone Reading In Class), parents/ carers consultations etc. 

Hope you have all had a wonderful summer and are ready to start In September. Remember Group A will start on Tuesday 5th September / Thursday 7th September and Group B on Wednesday 6th/ Friday 8th September. Both groups in for every day on Monday 11th September 2017. 

Please can you ensure that you have returned all paperwork, especially contact details and information for Tapestry.