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Star Moments

One of the ways in which your child is assessed in Reception is through collecting evidence of things they have said or done.  These are put into a ‘learning journal’, which is simply a scrapbook of your child’s achievements using Tapestry print outs and work collected in class.  Throughout Reception this is used to work out your child’s learning and their next steps.

As part of this,  parental input in the learning journals is required – letting us know what you can see your child doing at home!  

What do I need to do?

If you catch your child doing something ‘noteworthy’, you can either upload it to Tapestry or jot it down on one of the ‘Star Moments’ slips and pop it into their reading record books or hand them in to a member of staff at school.  This will then be added to your child’s learning journal, which is reviewed with the child every few weeks.

What should I be looking for?

A simple way of thinking about it is, if it shows any of the following, jot it down:

  • Shows your child using something they have learnt before, either in school, at home, or elsewhere
  • Shows logic, reasoning, independence, creativity or interesting ideas
  • Shows them interacting with or considering the thoughts of others
  • Shows them improving skills such as hand control, body control, or language
  • Impresses you!

How many should I do?

There is no limit – obviously the more the merrier, but there is no pressure to do more than time allows! If you run out of slips, pop it on another scrap of paper, ask me for more or look at the template attached below.

Finally, I would like to say how much we appreciate your help and co-operation on this front.  Besides it being a county requirement, it really does give us another view of your child and we enjoy reading all the things they get up to at home!

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