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Spring 2


Children will explore the season of Lent as a time of thoughtfulness (penance), prayer and generosity (almsgiving). The season of Lent officially ends on Holy Thursday when the Triduum, the three days – Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, occur. This unit looks only at the Passion of Jesus, not the Resurrection. The Resurrection, post Resurrection experiences and Pentecost are covered in the next topic.

The word ‘Easter’ actually refers to the Sunday of the season, the day of the Resurrection and the season that follows it to Pentecost.

You are the first educator of your child in faith. Your child’s learning in religious education will be much higher if you and the school are engaged in talking about the same ideas and beliefs. Help your child by trying one or more of these activities while this unit is being taught:

  • Mark the season of Lent with appropriate activities or symbols: purple decorations on the table, Lenten prayer, charitable practises.

Celebrate the Passion of Jesus in the liturgical life of the Parish.

Pray with your children at meals.

Loving God, in Jesus you often sat at the table with your friends and told stories to remind them of how much God loved them. May the stories we tell at this table remind us that we too are loved by you, and be a sign of the love and care we have for one another this Lent.


Spring 1

F3 Getting to know Jesus

During this half term, our R.E. theme is ‘Getting to know Jesus’.

With memories of Christmas still fairly fresh, the children will be learning that Jesus has a great love for each one of us and will be encouraged to think of ways in which we can show our love for him.

At home you can help your child by:

  • Reminding your child that the gifts received at Christmas are a sign of your love. By saying thank you for those gifts we are also showing love.
  • Sharing Bible stories with them.  If you do not already have a children’s Bible you might like to think about buying one of the many beautifully illustrated versions that are available.
  • Focusing on the stories of Jesus caring for and curing people who are ill.
  • Visiting the church when it is quiet and lighting a candle and saying a prayer.
  • Encouraging your child to make a card for a relative friend or neighbour who is ill as a way of showing their love and care.
  • Sharing bedtime prayers with your child and remembering family and friends who are ill.

It is good to continue to visit the crib in the Church in the weeks that it remains there after Christmas. 


Autumn 2

God’s Family

In this second half of the Autumn Term, the children will be learning about

God’s Family.

They are already aware that they belong to a family at home and now they are experiencing what it means to belong to the school family.  Their friends and teachers are becoming increasingly important in their lives.

As we move towards Advent and Christmas we will begin to develop an awareness of our Church family.  This is a good time.

You can help at home by:

  • Talking to your child about your family.
  • Sharing photographs and stories of family members and events the family has shared. These shared times are always very enjoyable.
  • Having a friend home to tea or to play.
  • Making a point of greeting friends at Church.
  • Talking about what your child sees and hears at Church.
  • Having a little advent wreath and lighting another candle each week with a prayer.
  • Enjoying the rich symbolism of the seasons – point out the advent wreath,  the Christmas tree and the crib.
  • Talking about the real meaning of Christmas
  • Praying together as a family before bedtime and remembering to say thank you.

Have a very happy and blessed Christmas.

You are the first educator of your child in faith. Your child’s learning in religious

education will be much higher if you and the school are engaged in talking about the

same ideas and beliefs. Help your child by trying one or more of these activities while

this unit is being taught:

Talk to your children about your plans and preparations for Christmas. Point out

what is happening in your local community.

Ask your children to share the prayers they are saying at school with you.

Include them in your bedtime rituals.

An idea for prayer at home

Pray with your children at bedtime.

As we work for you                 Come, Lord Jesus

As we play for you                   Come, Lord Jesus

As we rest for you                   Come, Lord Jesus

As we pray for you                  Come, Lord Jesus

As we wait for you                  Come, Lord Jesus


Autumn 1

Dear Parents/Guardians

Welcome to ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life’ Series - Foundation Stage.  This is the Religious Education programme that we use in our School.

As with all the other things your child will be learning in school, we want to share with you what we will be doing in Religious Education.  This information will be sent to you each half term with suggestions as to how you can help at home.

F1 God’s World

During this first half of the Autumn Term the children will be learning about God’s World. 

They will have the opportunity to hear about the things that God has created and to know that He asks us to care for our world.  The children will begin to appreciate that God made each one of us different and special and that he cares for us all.

Here are some ways in which you can help at home:

  • Share books with your children about the creation story and about the plants and creatures that share our planet
  • Help your child to treat all creation with respect, e.g. caring for pets, not dropping litter, etc.
  • Talk about the changing seasons, the colours of autumn, etc.
  • Tell your child how special they are to you and to God
  • Use bedtime prayers as a time to thank God for all the good things He has given to us, especially our families and the new friends at school.

Come and speak to us if there is anything you would like to discuss.

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