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Welcome to our phonics page! Phonics is a very important part of our curriculum.

The children in Reception are currently learning Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds. We are learning the digraphs, 'ai', 'ee', 'igh', 'oa' and 'oo'

The children in Reception are starting Phase 2. The sounds they have been learning this week are: s, a, t


This week we have learnt the sounds: p, i, n

Please practice this at home!


Please see the link below for a video that shows the Jolly Phonics the children have been learning.
























We have also been practising sound talk (talking about a robot) and we are beginning to blend the sounds together using the sounds above, e.g. s.a.t sat, i.s is, t.a.p tap, to make words and practise spelling them too. We have been doing a lot on formation of these letters as we've been learning the sounds (please see the writing page.)

Please practise all of these at home as part of your daily homework allowance, alongside the reading books.

You can do this by playing eye spy using these sounds, using flash cards, finding these letters in reading books, making silly sentences, e.g. the slimy snake sang simon says, practising writing these letters in the air, on your hand/each other's back, in paint/glitter/sand or with water and brushes ... Make it fun!



Also, check out for resources and interactive games for our sound songs and actions, please remember we have only really learnt the above mentioned.

We have started to practise breaking words down by speaking like robots, e.g. sat = s.a.t

We have also started to blend these sounds together to make words, e.g. sat, pat and tap


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