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Please check back here to see resources that will support you in helping your child with their Maths.


Every week we will focus on a number at the beginning of our maths lessons. We will look at how to write it, count to it, find that many objects, tally it, what number comes before it and after it and lots more. Number of the week will also be incorporated into your weekly homework task.


Encourage children to:

  • Count the steps we go up and down
  • Look at the house numbers or bus numbers while in the street
  • Set the table - how many cups etc do we need?
  • Match pairs of socks
  • Brush long hair or short hair

Other Maths vocab to use is heavy/light, empty/full, long/short, big/small, in front of, behind, in, on, under, next to. For example, when stacking pots and pans after they have been washed up, or stacking the dishwasher, ask questions such as:

  • Which is the smallest?
  • Which is the biggest?
  • Which is the heaviest pan?
  • Which is the lightest pan?
  • Look at how tall the flowers have grown
  • Sing number rhymes
  • Cut out numbers in magazines and catalogues, find page numbers books
  • Play games such as dominoes, snakes and ladder, skittles and card games such as snap. You can even play I-spy using descriptions e.g. I spy something that has 3 legs

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