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Dear Parents/Carers,   

This is the page where we will post details of your child's homework every Friday. All homework is due in every Wednesday, please put it in your child's book bag before they arrive at school.


Literacy: The children have been learning about 'Witches and Wizards' this week and have enjoyed making potions as part of a science experiment. Please ask your child to write four key words on the potion worksheet that will be put into their book bags. For example, frog, rat, cat and mud. The children  can also draw a small picture to go alongside the words they have written.

UW: This Sunday is St. Patrick's Day. Please explain to your child that it is a special day to celebrate Irish culture and it is named after one of Ireland's patron saints. Will you be celebrating this weekend? Please upload photos and videos to Tapestry if you do.

Extra Challenge: (not complusory) EAD: Some of the children enjoyed making their own wands this week. If you would like to make one at home, you can use twigs or straws and collage materials.


Literacy: The children are enjoying celebrating World Book Day!Please ask your child to draw or paint their favourite book character on a piece of paper.

RE: The children did not attend the mass this year but they have been learning about Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Please speak to your child about Lent and how people give up something they like for 40 days. What would your child give up if they had to choose something?

Extra Challenge: (not compulsory) Maths: Can you write numbers 1-20 on a piece of paper? Try and write your numbers the correct way!



Music and movement: I attended a music and movement training session yesterday and felt inspired to find out what music the children listen to at home. The children love to sing and dance at school! Please upload photos and videos to Tapestry explaining what songs your child likes and why. Dancing in photos and videos is also welcome!

Literacy: We have been learning the difference between fiction and non-fiction books at school. Please upload photos and videos to Tapestry explaining why your child prefers fiction or non-fiction books. You may have some books at home or you may find some out and about in the supermarket or in a book shop.

Extra Challenge: This is not compulsory but if your child would like to complete the extra challenge then they will be awarded with stickers and house points. We are learning about pirates and princesses at school. Can you draw a treasure map and hand it in next Wednesday? Make sure you include X marks the spot!


Maths: 3D Shape hunt. The children may remember that they completed a 2D shape hunt in the Autumn term, this time they will be looking for 3D shapes including cones, pyramids, cubes, cuboids, cylinders and spheres. Please ask the children to look for different shapes during the half term break, either at home or out and about. Please upload photos and videos to Tapestry.

Literacy: Please ask your child to read and write these sentences on the lined paper that will be put into their book bags. Please remind your child to write their name on their work.

The farm has a toad and a goat

The witch had a picnic on the moon

We had a look at the green book



Phonics: Phase 3. Please complete the worksheets (they will be put into the book bags by Friday)  and hand them in by next Wednesday 13th February. Please encourage your child to sound out the words and blend them together and please remind your child to write their name on the sheet.

Maths: Telling the Time. The children have been learning about time in school and looking at different clocks. We have been discussing what a clock looks like when it is o'clock. Please upload photos and videos to Tapestry showing the children looking at clocks at home and discussing the different times you eat breakfast, go to school, eat dinner and go to bed.


Topic: We will be having a Space party in class on Friday 8th February and we will also have a Space art competition! Children can choose what they would like to make from an astronaut helmet, an alien helmet or a space robot costume. You can use recycling from home and please encourage the children to complete as much as they can independently. Prizes will be awarded for the most effort. The children will have two weeks to complete this homework and it is due in on Friday 8th when we have the party.


EAD: We have been learning about space and planets. Can you ask your child to draw a space rocket or an astronaut  on a piece of paper and colour it in. Feel free to be creative and use collage materials! Please remind your child to write their name on their homework.

UW: We have been learning the names of different planets and the order they are placed from the sun. Please ask your child to talk about the different planets at home. Feel free to upload a video of your child naming the planets to Tapestry!


Maths: We have been learning how to subtract numbers 1-10 using our fingers. Please complete the worksheet and hand it in next Wednesday.

RE: We will be learning the Our Father Prayer in school during RE lessons. Can you please practice the prayer at home. Please remind the children that we put our hands together when we are are talking to God.

Our Father who art in Heaven,
Hallowed be thy name;
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us;
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.



Happy Holidays! There will be no homework over the Christmas break but please continue to read with your child, every child's book has been changed this week.

Have fun!


Phonics: Please practice sounding out and blending these words at home. We have been learning some new digraphs, (ch, sh, th and ng). Please ask your child to write them on lined paper. The paper will be put into their book bags on Friday.









UW: Season changes. Please explain to your child that it is Winter on the 21st December (Winter Solstice) and that is the shortest day of the year. Have they noticed any changes since Autumn? Discuss that the weather is colder and we have less sunlight. If you take part in any Winter activities or go for any walks, we would love to see photos on Tapestry!



Maths: We have been reading 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' in class. The children really enjoy this story and have been writing their own letters to Santa! Please complete The Jolly Christmas Postman addition worksheets and hand them in next Wednesday. Also, if you are writing or posting any letters/Christmas cards, we would love to see photos!

RE: Advent. We have made a class advent calendar and each child made a door to open. We have been learning that advent means waiting for Christmas which is a very special time as it is Jesus's birthday! Do you have an advent calendar at home? Please count the doors on the calendar and discuss that Christmas Day is the 25th December. Please share photographs of your calendars on Tapestry!



Nativity: The nativity is fast approaching and we are holding a lot of rehearsals at school. Please practice your child's speaking parts at home, practice makes perfect! If you need another copy of the child's lines, please let me know and I will make another copy for you.

Literacy: The children really enjoy singing this song about tricky words. Please listen to this song at home and discuss the different tricky words. Please remind the children that you can't sound out tricky words and we just need to remember them.



UW: Thursday 15th November is online safety day. Please click on the link below and read 'Online Smartie the Penguin for EYFS'. This is a story that helps children to understand online safety. Feel free to upload photos/videos to Tapestry. Please ask your child to colour in Smartie the Penguin on the poster (will be put in book bags).

UW: This week we have celebrated 'International Week' and the whole school have been taking part in cooking sessions and cooking dishes from across the globe. In reception, we have made spicy Mexican wraps! Please upload photos of you cooking as a family and let us know what your favourite meals are!


RE: We are focusing on God's family and discussing our own families. Can you please send in a family photo in a photo frame for our class display. You will get this back at the end of the year, if you do not have a photo frame then please let me know and I will provide one. Feel free to upload family photos to Tapestry too!

Literacy: We are learning how to use finger spaces between our words when we are writing short sentences. Can you please ask your child to write 'The red hat on a big mat' and prompt them to keep their writing small and neat and use finger spaces. This can be done on a piece of paper, preferably lined paper if you have it.


Homework pack: Next week, I will give each child a pack to complete over half term. This will include reading, writing and number work. This pack is for you to keep at home so you can practice as much as possible. Some of the sheets need to be completed and handed in by Wednesday 7th November. After the October holiday, I will be formally assessing the children and I will feedback to you at parents evening.

Autumn: We have been learning about the harvest and the Autumn season. On a walk, can you discuss why the leaves fall off the trees and how the seasons change. Please can you gather some autumn leaves and bring them to school on Monday, we will be completing some autumn based art activities next week.


RE: We have been learning the creation story and how God created the world in seven days. Over the weekend, at home or out and about, please talk to your child about their favourite things, (such as toys or pets) and explain that God created them. God created everything, from animals and flowers to the ocean and mountains. If you pass a church this weekend, please explain that this is God's house and is a very special place. Feel free to post videos and photographs on Tapestry if you see a church or if you attend one.

Literacy: Your child will be given a worksheet with some words. Please ask your child to sound out and blend the sounds together to read the words. It takes a long time to learn how to recognise sounds and blend them together and the children are still in the early stages of this so do not worry if they find this tricky. The children can colour the work sheet if they wish. Please ask your child to write their name on their work.





The children have really been enjoying our 'People Who Help Us' topic! Please ask your child what they want to be when they grow up and ask them to draw a picture, please feel free to be creative and use art/craft materials if you have any. Please write what your child would like to be on their drawing, For example, 'Fire Fighter' and ask your child to copy your writing.


The children really enjoy this song at school, please practice at home as it is good for maths and physical development! Feel free to post pictures on Tapestry if your child really enjoys it.




We are starting to learn new sounds and blend them together to read words, this can be really tricky and takes a lot of practice! Please write these words on a piece of paper and ask your child to sound out and copy these words at home:





Please encourage your child to complete this independently, do not worry if they find this challenging, it is all part of learning!

Topic/Understanding the World:

We have been learning about 'People who Help Us' and discussed the different roles that people play in our community. Next week, we will set up a vets at school, please ask your child to bring in their favourite animal toy from home on Monday. This can be a soft toy or plastic figure. If you do not have any animal toys then let me know as we do have some in school that the children can use. Please discuss with your child, the role of a vet and how important it is to care for animals. If you have pets, we would love to see photos on Tapestry!

Thank you,

Mrs. Mills




The Reception children have been trying really hard to get changed by themselves for PE but it does take a lot of practice! The children's PE kits will be sent home this weekend, please help your child to practice changing out of their school uniform and into their PE kits. If your child can manage this, please practice opening and closing buttons, tying shoelaces and ensuring the children's shoes are on the correct feet. We are trying to promote independence as much as possible and we are actively encouraging the children to put their own coats and bags away and to be responsible for their own equipment.


Next week, we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes and how they are different. Can you ask your child to go on a '2D Shape Hunt?' This can be at home, at the supermarket or anywhere! Ask the children what shapes they can see when they look around. Ask if your child can remember the names of all 2D shapes.  Please either take photos/videos and put them on Tapestry or ask your child to draw the different shapes they see on a piece of paper.




Maths: We are currently learning about transport and have been discussing different types of vehicles. If you are out with your child this weekend, please discuss the different vehicles you see and count the wheels! We are also learning how to count to 20. Can you practice this at home?

Literacy: Please draw your favourite mode of transport on a piece of paper. This could be a car, a van, a boat, a fire engine, a bus, or even a hot air balloon! Please ask your child to write their name on the drawing.

Reading: Please ensure you read your child's reading book at home with them every week. If your child enjoys reading other books at home then it is useful to discuss the characters and what happens in the story.



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