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Dear Parents/Carers,   

This is the page where we will post details of your child's homework every Friday. All homework is due in every Wednesday, please put it in your child's book bag before they arrive at school.



The Reception children have been trying really hard to get changed by themselves for PE but it does take a lot of practice! The children's PE kits will be sent home this weekend, please help your child to practice changing out of their school uniform and into their PE kits. If your child can manage this, please practice opening and closing buttons, tying shoelaces and ensuring the children's shoes are on the correct feet. We are trying to promote independence as much as possible and we are actively encouraging the children to put their own coats and bags away and to be responsible for their own equipment.


Next week, we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes and how they are different. Can you ask your child to go on a '2D Shape Hunt?' This can be at home, at the supermarket or anywhere! Ask the children what shapes they can see when they look around. Ask if your child can remember the names of all 2D shapes.  Please either take photos/videos and put them on Tapestry or ask your child to draw the different shapes they see on a piece of paper.




Maths: We are currently learning about transport and have been discussing different types of vehicles. If you are out with your child this weekend, please discuss the different vehicles you see and count the wheels! We are also learning how to count to 20. Can you practice this at home?

Literacy: Please draw your favourite mode of transport on a piece of paper. This could be a car, a van, a boat, a fire engine, a bus, or even a hot air balloon! Please ask your child to write their name on the drawing.

Reading: Please ensure you read your child's reading book at home with them every week. If your child enjoys reading other books at home then it is useful to discuss the characters and what happens in the story.



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