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Welcome to Year 2's homework page.

The timetable will be as follows:


Given Out

Handed in/Tested

numeracy / literacy







Wednesday- or as specified by the class teacher



Tested the following Friday

20 minutes Reading and 10 minutes discussing and questioning re text


    Every night whenever possible

Homework is there to:

  • Reinforce and consolidate classroom learning.
  • Help children to develop independent learning skills.
  • Provide opportunities for parents and children to enjoy the learning experience together.
  • Inspire children to want to extend their own learning

Homework should not:

  • Cause unnecessary stress or anxiety for the child or parent

We appreciate that we are all quite busy but any home learning plays a significant role in your child's learning. Please try your best to ensure that all children have their homework completed for the due date as a record will be kept of those who do not hand in homework and those who hand it in late.

Many thanks

Mrs Reimus

Dear Parents,

Learning our times tables can help us to estimate quickly and to calculate in our heads. Please encourage your child to practise their times tables (2, 5 and 10). Here are some other useful websites and resources to help with this:

Hit the button! Hit the Button is an interactive maths game with quick fire questions

Times Table Mountain Select the table you wish to practise and then begin your ascent. If you manage to reach the top you can print out a certificate and view a report of your mistakes.

Times Tables Grid Use a grid to help you learn your times tables - either against the clock or in your own time.

5x Table game Can you win the Whack-a-Mouse game?

Table Trees Fill in the gaps to practice your Times Tables


Homework for this week 22.11.19 Maths - worksheets, English, Homophones, Spelling - words associated with the Great Fire of London